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Subscription rates

Annual subscription of the Pan American Journal of Public Health / Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública is as follows:

Subscription Rates (in US dollars) for countries in Latin American and The Caribbean
Year 1 year 2 years
Format available Individual Institutional Individual Institutional
Print Free* Free* Free* Free*
Electronic US$ 44.00 US$ 72.00 US$ 81.00 US$ 133.00
* Beginning in January 2004, readers from Latin American and Caribbean countries can receive a single subscription to the print version of the Revista/Journal free of charge (The number of free subscriptions per country is limited). If institutions or individuals want more than one subscription, they will be charged at the bulk subscription rate for the extra copy. Please see below for instructions to subscribe. There are no free subscriptions to the eletronic version.


Subscription Rates (in US dollars) for USA, Canada and all countries outside the Americas
Year 1 year 2 years
Format available Individual Institutional Individual Institutional
Print US$ 118.00 US$ 194.00 US$ 187.00 US$ 308.00
Electronic US$ 94.00 US$ 155.00 US$ 149.00 US$ 245.00
Print & Electronic US$ 166.00 US$ 273.00 US$ 261.00 US$ 430.00

Back issues or individual issues are available for US$ 15.00 per issue (price includes postage and handling).

More information for quantity discounts or other information concerning the journal, please contact:

PAHO Subscriptions Service
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Tel.: (1-800)627-0326 x 221 (U.S only)
Tel.: (785) 843-1235
Fax: (785) 843-1274


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Authorization to photocopy items for internal or personal use or the internal and personal use of specific clients and for educational classroom use should be requested in writing from the Copyright Clearance Center (English speakers):

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