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Escope and policy

The Universidad Nacional de Colombia's Revista de Salud Pública broadcasts research results and knowledge, by publishing original articles contributing to the study of public health and related disciplines, and their use as tools for improving the population's quality of life.

The opinions expressed by the authors are their exclusive responsibility and do not represent the criteria of the Revista de Salud Pública, nor those of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

The Revista de Salud Pública is published every four months, in March, July and November. The numbers for a year are grouped into one volume, commencing with that for March.

Advertising: Acceptance of advertising does not imply the approval nor backing of such respective products or services by the Journal of Public Health, nor by the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

See the Condensed Guide for the Preparation of Manuscripts. Details concerning the type of manuscripts that will be considered for publication, and preparing the same, can be found in, "Information and Instructions for Au-thors". These can be sent by E-mail or fax to anyone asking for them in writing, or can be obtai-ned at the following web-site:


Sending of manuscripts

Send material to the Editor, Revista de Salud Pública. Instituto de Salud Pública, Facultad de Medicina, in the address above.


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