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Annali dell'Istituto Superiore di Sanità
Print version ISSN 0021-2571


Table of contents
Ann. Ist. Super. Sanità vol.46 n.1 Roma Jan./Mar. 2010

 Laboratory diagnosis of HIV infection and access to HIV testing in Italy
 ·  Preface
Rezza, Giovanni

 ·  HIV virology and pathogenetic mechanisms of infection: a brief overview
Fanales-Belasio, Emanuele; Raimondo, Mariangela; Suligoi, Barbara; Buttò, Stefano

 ·  The epidemic of HIV infection and AIDS, promotion of testing, and innovative strategies
Suligoi, Barbara; Raimondo, Mariangela; Fanales-Belasio, Emanuele; Buttò, Stefano

 ·  Laboratory diagnostics for HIV infection
Buttò, Stefano; Suligoi, Barbara; Fanales-Belasio, Emanuele; Raimondo, Mariangela

 ·  Suggested strategies for the laboratory diagnosis of HIV infection in Italy
Buttò, Stefano; Raimondo, Mariangela; Fanales-Belasio, Emanuele; Suligoi, Barbara

 ·  Criteria for standardising counselling for HIV testing
Luzi, Anna Maria; Mei, Barbara De; Colucci, Anna; Gallo, Pietro

 ·  Aspects of the Italian legislation related to HIV testing
D'Amato, Stefania; Pompa, Maria Grazia

 Research and Methodologies
 ·  Continued high prevalence of HIV, HBV and HCV among injecting and noninjecting drug users in Italy
Camoni, Laura; Regine, Vincenza; Salfa, Maria Cristina; Nicoletti, Giovanni; Canuzzi, Pietro; Magliocchetti, Natalia; Rezza, Giovanni; Suligoi, Barbara; the SerT Study Group

 ·  Molecular aspects of tumor cell migration and invasion
Bozzuto, Giuseppina; Ruggieri, Paola; Molinari, Agnese

 ·  Bird populations as sentinels of endocrine disrupting chemicals
Carere, Claudio; Costantini, David; Sorace, Alberto; Santucci, Daniela; Alleva, Enrico

 ·  Application of the Dangerous Preparation Directive: consequences on plant protection products in the internal market
Rubbiani, Maristella; Fornarelli, Laura; Bascherini, Susanna; Binetti, Roberto

 Brief Notes
 ·  Brief note about plasma catecholamines kinetics and submaximal exercise in untrained standardbreds
Baragli, Paolo; Pacchini, Sara; Gatta, Domenico; Ducci, Michele; Sighieri, Claudio

 Book Reviews, Notes and Comments
 WHO Publications