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Annali dell'Istituto Superiore di Sanità
Print version ISSN 0021-2571


Table of contents
Ann. Ist. Super. Sanità vol.46 n.2 Roma Apr./Jun. 2010

 ·  Behavioural genetics of Italians?
Alleva, Enrico

 Virtual Microscopy and Digital Cytology: Fact or Fantasy?
 ·  Preface
Giansanti, Daniele; Grigioni, Mauro; Giovagnoli, Maria Rosaria

 ·  Virtual microscopy and digital cytology: state of the art
Giansanti, Daniele; Grigioni, Mauro; D'Avenio, Giuseppe; Morelli, Sandra; Maccioni, Giovanni; Bondi, Arrigo; Giovagnoli, Maria Rosaria

 ·  How do young and senior cytopathologists interact with digital cytology?
Giovagnoli, Maria Rosaria; Giarnieri, Enrico; Carico, Elisabetta; Giansanti, Daniele

 ·  Picture archiving and communication systems in digital cytology
Morelli, Sandra; Grigioni, Mauro; Giovagnoli, Maria Rosaria; Balzano, Simone; Giansanti, Daniele

 ·  A pilot study for the integration of cytometry reports in digital cytology telemedicine applications
Giansanti, Daniele; Cerroni, Fabio; Amodeo, Rachele; Filoni, Marco; Giovagnoli, Maria Rosaria

 ·  The virtual slide in the promotion of cytologic and hystologic quality in oncologic screenings
Bondi, Arrigo; Pierotti, Paola; Crucitti, Paola; Lega, Stefania

 Research and Methodologies
 ·  Effects of the European restrictive actions concerning nimesulide prescription: a simulation study on hepatopathies and gastrointestinal bleedings in Italy
Venegoni, Mauro; Da Cas, Roberto; Menniti-Ippolito, Francesca; Traversa, Giuseppe

 ·  Hardware performance assessment recommendations and tools for baropodometric sensor systems
Giacomozzi, Claudia

 ·  Microhardness and morphological changes induced by Nd: Yag laser on dental enamel: an in vitro study
Bedini, Rossella; Manzon, Licia; Fratto, Giovanni; Pecci, Raffaella

 ·  MedLinac2: a GEANT4 based software package for radiotherapy
Caccia, Barbara; Andenna, Claudio; Cirrone, Giuseppe Antonio Pablo

 ·  Laboratory procedures for the diagnosis of tuberculosis: a survey in ten Italian Regions
Moro, Maria Luisa; Nascetti, Simona; Morsillo, Filomena; Morandi, Matteo; the Italian "TB-SORV" Project Working Group

 ·  Measures of material and social circumstances to adjust for deprivation in small-area studies of environment and health: review and perspectives
Pasetto, Roberto; Sampaolo, Letizia; Pirastu, Roberta

 ·  Considerations on psychophysical welfare of fish employed in scientific procedures and on Recommendation 2007/526/EC
Manciocco, Arianna; Coluccio, Paolo; Passantino, Annamaria

 ·  Personalism for public health ethics
Petrini, Carlo; Gainotti, Sabina; Requena, Pablo

 Book Reviews, Notes and Comments
 WHO Publications