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Annali dell'Istituto Superiore di Sanità
Print version ISSN 0021-2571


Table of contents
Ann. Ist. Super. Sanità vol.46 n.4 Roma Oct./Dec. 2010

 ·  Performance of plantar pressure measurement devices (PMDs): update on consensus activities
Giacomozzi, Claudia

 Research and Methodologies
 ·  Male circumcision as strategy for HIV prevention and sexually transmitted diseases: the potential role of traditional birth attendants in neonatal male circumcision
Dini, Catia

 ·  No evidence of increased risk of soft tissue sarcomas in the neighborhood of a steel foundry in Verona
Benedetti, Marta; Cristini, Giovanni; Gallo, Stefano; Tessari, Roberta; Simonato, Lorenzo; Comba, Pietro

 ·  A case of contact dermatitis to dimethylfumarate in shoes identified in Italy
Davanzo, Franca; Settimi, Laura; Stefanelli, Patrizia; Bartollini, Giuseppe; Barciocco, Daniela; Sesana, Fabrizio; Borghini, Rossana; Panzavolta, Giscardo; Fonda, Aurelia

 ·  Plants and parts of plants used in food supplements: an approach to their safety assessment
Carratù, Brunella; Federici, Elena; Gallo, Francesca R.; Geraci, Andrea; Guidotti, Marco; Multari, Giuseppina; Palazzino, Giovanna; Sanzini, Elisabetta

 ·  Selenium status and over-expression of interleukin-15 in celiac disease and autoimmune thyroid diseases
Stazi, Anna Velia; Trinti, Biagino

 ·  The effect of brushing motion on the cyclic fatigue of rotary nickel titanium instruments
Gambarini, Gianluca; Tucci, Eugenio; Bedini, Rossella; Pecci, Raffaella; Galli, Massimo; Milana, Valerio; De Luca, Massimo; Testarelli, Luca

 ·  An alternative method to record rising temperatures during dental implant site preparation: a preliminary study using bovine bone
Laurito, Domenica; Lamazza, Luca; Garreffa, Girolamo; De Biase, Alberto

 ·  Informed consent in experimentation involving mentally impaired persons: ethical issues
Petrini, Carlo

 ·  Communication for health promotion: history and identification of effective methods
Frati, Annarosa; Luzi, Anna Maria; Colucci, Anna

 ·  The body as a simulacrum of identity: the subjective experience in the eating disorders
Brogna, Patrizia; Caroppo, Emanuele

 ·  Arthropod borne diseases in Italy: from a neglected matter to an emerging health problem
Romi, Roberto

 ·  Short-term monitoring of benzene air concentration in an urban area: a preliminary study of application of Kruskal-Wallis non-parametric test to assess pollutant impact on global environment and indoor
Mura, Maria Chiara; De Felice, Marco; Morlino, Roberta; Fuselli, Sergio

 Brief Notes
 ·  Emerging concepts in high-impact publishing: insights from the First Brazilian Colloquium on High Impact Research and Publishing
Matarese, Valerie

 Book Reviews, Notes and Comments
 WHO Publications