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Annali dell'Istituto Superiore di Sanità
versão impressa ISSN 0021-2571


Ann. Ist. Super. Sanità vol.48 no.1 Roma Jan. 2012

 ·  Person: centre both of clinical ethics and of public health ethics
Petrini, Carlo

 A new technology in biomedical engineering analysis: the 3Dimensional microtomography
 ·  Preface
Bedini, Rossella

 ·  Role of X-ray microtomography in tissue engineering
Barbetta, Andrea; Bedini, Rossella; Pecci, Raffaella; Dentini, Mariella

 ·  Variability of morphometric parameters of human trabecular tissue from coxo-arthritis and osteoporotic samples
Marinozzi, Franco; Marinozzi, Andrea; Bini, Fabiano; Zuppante, Francesca; Pecci, Raffaella; Bedini, Rossella

 ·  Present and future in the use of micro-CT scanner 3D analysis for the study of dental and root canal morphology
Grande, Nicola M.; Plotino, Gianluca; Gambarini, Gianluca; Testarelli, Luca; D’Ambrosio, Ferdinando; Pecci, Raffaella; Bedini, Rossella

 ·  Analysis of single point and continuous wave of condensation root filling techniques by micro-computed tomography
Angerame, Daniele; De Biasi, Matteo; Pecci, Raffaella; Bedini, Rossella; Tommasin, Elia; Marigo, Luca; Somma, Francesco

 ·  A new software for dimensional measurements in 3D endodontic root canal instrumentation
Sinibaldi, Raffaele; Pecci, Raffaella; Somma, Francesco; Penna, Stefania Della; Bedini, Rossella

 ·  Comparative evaluation of cone-beam CT equipment with micro-CT in the visualization of root canal system
Szabo, Bence Tamas; Pataky, Levente; Mikusi, Regina; Fejerdy, Pal; Dobo-Nagy, Csaba

 ·  Fixture-abutment connection surface and micro-gap measurements by 3D micro-tomographic technique analysis
Meleo, Deborah; Baggi, Luigi; Di Girolamo, Michele; Di Carlo, Fabio; Pecci, Raffaella; Bedini, Rossella

 ·  Microtomographic and morphometric characterization of a bioceramic bone substitute in dental implantology
Meleo, Deborah; Bedini, Rossella; Pecci, Raffaella; Mangione, Francesca; Pacifici, Luciano

 ·  Microtomography evaluation of dental tissue wear surface induced by in vitro simulated chewing cycles on human and composite teeth
Bedini, Rossella; Pecci, Raffaella; Notarangelo, Gianluca; Zuppante, Francesca; Persico, Salvatore; Di Carlo, Fabio

 ·  The application of X-ray microtomography for the assessement of root resorption caused by the orthodontic treatment of premolars
Sawicka, Monika; Bedini, Rossella; Pecci, Raffaella; Pameijer, Cornelis Hans; Kmiec, Zbigniew

 ·  Micro-CT examination of human bone: from biopsies towards the entire organ
Perilli, Egon; Parkinson, Ian H.; Reynolds, Karen J.

 ·  A proposal of microtomography evaluation for restoration interface gaps
Meleo, Deborah; Manzon, Licia; Pecci, Raffaella; Zuppante, Francesca; Bedini, Rossella

 Original Articles and Reviews
 ·  Primary empty sella and GH deficiency: prevalence and clinical implications
Poggi, Maurizio; Monti, Salvatore; Lauri, Chiara; Pascucci, Chiara; Bisogni, Valeria; Toscano, Vincenzo

 ·  Stray dog and cat laws and enforcement in Czech Republic and in Italy
Voslářvá, Eva; Passantino, Annamaria

 Brief Notes
 ·  Oscillococcinum for influenza treatment
Marrari, Luigi Alberto; Terzan, Laurence; Chaufferin, Gilles

 Book Reviews, Notes and Comments
 ·  Edited by Federica Napolitani Cheyne