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Revista de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0034-8910


Table of contents
Rev. Saúde Pública vol.3 n.2 São Paulo Dec. 1969

 Original Articles
 ·  Control of applicability and behaviour of Lowell Smith Index to estimate the need for gengival treatment
Cardoso, Gilda May

 ·  Prevalence of dental caries in Brasilia, Brazil
Souza, José Maria Pacheco de; Silva, Eunice Pinho de Castro; Mattos, Osdyr Brasileiro de

 ·  Coprologic census of Peruibe (Southern town in the coast of the State of São Paulo): record of autochthonous cases of manson's schistosomiasis
Artigas, Paulo de Toledo; Perez, Mário Demar; Baggio, Domingos

 ·  Contribution to the survey of the planorbid chart of the State of São Paulo (Brazil): Investigation of foci with evolutive forms of Schistosoma mansoni. II. Peruibe county (Southern coast of the State of São Paulo)
Perez, Mário Demar; Artigas, Paulo de Toledo

 ·  Observations on the epidemiology of the first autochthonous cases of Chagas' disease in Belém, State of Pará, Brazil
Shaw, Jeffrey; Lainson, Ralph; Fraiha, Habid

 ·  House infestation by Triatoma infestans and some epidemiologic aspects of American trypanosomiasis in a certain area of the State of São Paulo, Brazil
Forattini, Oswaldo Paulo; Juarez, Edmundo; Rabello, Ernesto X.; Pattoli, Dino; Corrêa, Renato R.

 ·  Suspension of spraying in the combat of Triatoma infestans in certain areas of the State of São Paulo, Brazil
Rocha e Silva, Eduardo Olavo da; Dias Júnior, Jairo; Guarita, Odilon Ferreira

 ·  Isolation and intratypical identification on poliovirus strains following the administration of Sabin vaccine
Candeias, José Alberto Neves

 ·  Importance and use of the informal organization
Witt, Aracy

 ·  Estimate of needs in public health official services for the City of São Paulo at short and long run
Yunes, João; Cardoso, Joaquim Francisco; Mendonça, Mário Laranjeira de

 ·  Medical and paramedical resources in the area of the "Greater São Paulo" (Brazil) in 1966
Yunes, João

 ·  Interamerican investigation of childhood mortality in the city of São Paulo, Brazil
Laurenti, Ruy

 ·  Variation on hemolymph proteins of Triatoma infestans
Toledo F.º, Silvio Almeida; Morgante, João S.; Juarez, Edmundo

 Lectures and Seminars
 ·  Seminar on nursing supervision
Andrade, Odete Barros de; Piva, Nilce