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Revista de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0034-8910


Table of contents
Rev. Saúde Pública vol.8 n.1 São Paulo Jan./Mar. 1974

 Original Articles
 ·  A descriptive study of suicide in the county of S. Paulo (Brazil) from 1959 to 1968
Barbosa, Victório

 ·  Use of contraceptive practices by a Brazilian population
Ramos, Célia Leitão; Ogura, Keiko; Souza, Daisy A. C.; Beniczky, Catherine Laura; Bedini, Eliana; Medeiros, Elizabeth Guedes de; Santos, Maria do Carmo Dias dos; Cunha, Maria Eliza Fernandes; Castaldelli, Marilena; Tornante, Miriam Gomes; Pelosini, Regina Helena Corazza; Napolitano, Rosalina; Ferreira, Sonia Maria Freitas

 ·  The quality of medical certification for the cause of death in S. Paulo, Brazil
Fonseca, Luiz Augusto Marcondes; Laurenti, Ruy

 ·  Tuberculosis infection level and tuberculinic convertion after inoculation of intradermic BCG in school children from Botucatu, SP (Brazil) in 1969
Almeida, Eurivaldo Sampaio de; Barbieri, Tarcísio; Guedes, Eloisa; Soares, Luiza; Sanches, Neide; Cortez Jr., Lupércio De Souza

 ·  The importance of the diagnosis in local level for the program of Maternal Health Services
Giron, Sueli Gandolfi; Markievicz, Wanda; Novaes, Maria Aparecida; Schor, Neia; Ciari Jr., Cyro; Siqueira, Arnaldo A. F. de

 ·  An epidemiological study of dental caries of white and non-white school children of both sexes which are interned in seven orphanages on the city of S. Paulo, Brazil, in 1972
Castellanos, Roberto Augusto

 ·  Creatinin excretion during the period of twenty-four hours in children from five to eleven years old
Martins, Ignez Salas

 ·  Study on the nutritional condition of the childhood in the city of Londrina, PA (Brazil)
Guitti, José Carlos dos Santos

 ·  The results of the nutrition survey carried out in the towns of Apiaí, Ribeira and Barra do Chapéu (S. Paulo, Brazil)
Miguel, Maryland; Bon, Avany Maria Xavier

 ·  The consumption of vitamin A in Ribeira, S. Paulo (Brazil)
Bon, Avany Maria Xavier; Miguel, Maryland

 ·  The norms obtained in the installation of Preschool Food Education Center (CEAPE) in a primary school of the city of S. Paulo, Brazil
Cavalcanti, Maria Lúcia Ferrari; Bon, Avany Maria Xavier; Miguel, Maryland; Gandra, Yaro Ribeiro

 Current Comments
 ·  The evaluation of anti-tuberculosis activities in public health routine
Arantes, Gilberto Ribeiro

 ·  Information system on health
Silveira, Maria Helena

 ·  Curricular guide of health for the first grade school
Coelho, Hebe da Silva; Conceição, José Augusto N.; Yunes, João