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Revista de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0034-8910


Table of contents
Rev. Saúde Pública vol.24 n.3 São Paulo Jun. 1990

 Original Articles
 ·  Studies in search of a suitable experimental insect model for xenodiagnosis of hosts with Chagas' disease: 4 - The reflection of parasite stock in the responsiveness of different vector species to chronic infection with different Trypanosoma cruzi stocks
Perlowagora-Szumlewicz, Alina; Muller, Carlos Alberto; Moreira, Carlos José de Carvalho

 ·  An estimate of the prevalence of hanseniasis by means of investigation into non-specific demand for health services
Opromolla, Diltor Vladimir; Nobrega, Rubens Cunha; Gonçalves, Neusa Nunes da Silva e; Padovani, Silvia Helena Pereira; Padovani, Carlos Roberto; Gonçalves, Aguinaldo

 ·  Social development and infant mortality, 1977-1986, Cuba: a regional analysis
Gonzalez Perez, Guillermo; Herrera Leon, Lorenzo

 ·  Maternal perception of dehydration in children with diarrhoea: a study of agreement with medical diagnosis
Leal, Maria do Carmo; Silva, Rosana Iozzi da; Gama, Silvana Granado Nogueira da

 ·  Some considerations on growth and development in the practice of health services
Gomes, Fabíola Zioni; Adorno, Rubens de C.F.

 ·  Subsequent pregnancies: who has them and who wants them? Observations from an urban center in Southern Brazil
Huttly, Sharon R. A.; Barros, Fernando C.; Victora, Cesar G.; Lombardi, Cintia; Vaughan, J. Patrick

 ·  Present situation of official statistics related to death from external causes
Mello Jorge, Maria Helena P. de

 ·  Identification of the public health nurse within the public health work force in a Regional Health Department
Steagall-Gomes, Daisy Leslie

 ·  The demand for community health services in the metropolitan periphery area
Radaelli, Sônia Maria; Takeda, Silvia M. Pasa; Gimeno, Luisa Isabel D.; Wagner, Mário B.; Kanter, Flávio José; Mello, Vera M. de; Borges, João César; Ducan, Bruce B.

 Current Comments
 ·  Breast-milk substitutes: past and present
Rea, Marina Ferreira

 Book Reviews