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Revista de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0034-8910


Table of contents
Rev. Saúde Pública vol.24 n.6 São Paulo Dec. 1990

 Original Articles
 ·  Assessment and prediction of asthma and its severity in the pediatric community
Pereira, Julio Cesar R.; Carswell, Fleming; Hughes, Anthony O.

 ·  The importance of accessibility in the planning of localization and size of health services
Unglert, Carmen Vieira de Sousa

 ·  Mortality in migrants - Japanese residents in the City of S.Paulo, Brazil, 1980
Gotlieb, Sabina L. D.

 ·  Mortality in women of reproductive age in S. Paulo City (Brazil), 1986: II - Deaths by maternal causes
Laurenti, Ruy; Buchalla, Cássia Maria; Lolio, Cecília Amaro de; Santo, Augusto Hasiak; Mello Jorge, Maria Helena Prado de

 ·  Infant mortality and social conditions in America: a correlation analysis
Ayçaguer, Luis Carlos Silva; Duran Macho, Esperanza

 ·  Adolescent mortality in Brazil, 1977, 1980 and 1985: magnitude and tendencies
Lolio, Cecília Amaro de; Santo, Augusto Hasiak; Buchalla, Cássia Maria

 ·  Analysis of the declaration of the basic cause of death by cancer in Salvador, Brazil
Schnitman, Anita

 ·  Aspects of "bug reporting" by the local population relating to Panstrongylys megistus surveillance in 12 counties of northeastern S. Paulo State, Brazil, 1974 to 1983
Lima, Virgília Luna Castor de; Yaguchi, Mariko Kato; Alves, Zulimar Catarina P. V. Telles

 ·  Adolescence and contraception: 1- A study of knowledge and use among women interned for childbirth or abortion
Schor, Néia; Lopez A., Fanny

 ·  Evaluation of the ERA antirabies vaccine against antigenic variants of rabies virus in different post-immunization periods
Cordeiro, Cláudia C.; Silva, Egon V.; Miguel, Ornar; Germano, Pedro M. L.

 Current Comments
 ·  Civil responsibility of physicians in liberal practice context: ethical-juridical aspects
Fortes, Paulo Antônio de Carvalho

 ·  The engine or the caboose: health policy in developing countries
Goldsteen, Raymond L.; Pereira, Julio Cesar R.; Goldsteen, Karen

 Books Reviews