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Revista de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0034-8910


Table of contents
Rev. Saúde Pública vol.25 n.6 São Paulo Dec. 1991

 Recent Aspects of Public Health
 ·  Analysis of information on health data: 1893-1993, a hundred years of the International Classification of Diseases
Laurenti, Ruy

 Original Articles
 ·  The concept of disease and of the preservation of health in a sample population of teachers and pupils of a school course for 7-14 year olds
Boruchovitch, Evely; Felix-Sousa, Isabela Cabral; Schall, Virgínia T.

 ·  Epidemiological aspects of tuberculosis for minors under 15 years old in a County of the Brazilian Southeast Region, 1984
Dias, Marialda Höfling de Pádua

 ·  Multiple causes of death in diabetic individuals in the Brazilian Northeastern Region
Melo, Márcia S.; Lolio, Cecília Amaro de; Lucena, Maria Anunciata F.; Kirzner, Carlos F.; Martins, Silvia M.; Barros, Maria N.D.S.

 ·  Maternal mortality due to heart disease
Feitosa, Helvécio N.; Moron, Antônio F.; Born, Daniel; Almeida, Pedro Augusto Marcondes de

 ·  Analysis of standards of living and health in the urban population of Botucatu, S. Paulo State (Brazil): IV - Referred morbidity in household interviews, 1983-1984
Lebrão, Maria Lúcia; Carandina, Luana; Magaldi, Cecília

 ·  Survival and molting occurrence in Triatoma infestans Klug (Hemiptera, Reduviidae) after temperature shocks
Rodrigues, Vera Lúcia C.C.; Mello, Maria Luiza S.; Ferraz Filho, Antenor N.; Dantas, Marly M.

 ·  Serological surveillance of influenza A and B, at the university students, Brazil
Mancini, Dalva A. P.; Tavares, Valéria R.; Espindola, Clarice P. M.

 ·  Campylobacter intestinal carriage among stray and pet dogs
Fernández, Heriberto; Martin, Rodolfo

 ·  Brazil is getting older: demographic changes and epidemiological challenges
Veras, Renato P.