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Revista de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0034-8910


Table of contents
Rev. Saúde Pública vol.26 n.6 São Paulo Dec. 1992

 Original Articles
 ·  Prognostic factors for hospital case-fatality due to diarrhea or pneumonia: a case-control study
Post, Cora Luiza Araújo; Victora, Cesar Gomes; Valente, Joaquim Gonçalves; Leal, Maria do Carmo; Niobey, Flávia Maria Leal; Sabroza, Paulo Chagastelles

 ·  Ethylene oxide sterilization: I. The influence of sporulation medium in the resistance of the spores of Bacillus subtilis var. niger
Pinto, Terezinha de Jesus A.; Saito, Takako

 ·  Ethylene oxide sterilization: II. The influence of test specimens on the performance of biological monitors and its evaluation
Pinto, Terezinha de Jesus A.; Saito, Takako

 ·  RC-IAL: rabbit kidney cell line - characteristics and substrate for viral multiplication
Cruz, Aurea Silveira; Figueiredo, Cristina Adelaide; Barbosa, Maria Luisa; Martinez, Clelia Helena de O.; Salles-Gomes, Luís Florêncio

 ·  Sick building syndrome in bank-clerks
Santos, Ubiratan P.; Rumel, Davi; Martarello, Norton A.; Ferreira, Clara S. W.; Matos, Marcos Paiva

 ·  Prevalence of dental caries in schoolchildren in a metropolitan region of the Córdoba Province, Argentina
Yankilevich, Elba Rosa Luna Maldonado de; Battellino, Luis José

 ·  Assessment of a strategy for the control of respiratory diseases in children
Pereira, Julio Cesar Rodrigues; Stuginsky, Luís Antonio; Ribeiro, Theotonio Victor de Miranda

 ·  Geographical patterns of proportionate mortality for the most common causes of death in Brazil
Sichieri, Rosely; Lolio, Cecilia A. de; Correia, Valmir R.; Everhart, James E.

 Current Comments
 ·  Body mass index as a tool in the nutritional assessment of adults: a review
Anjos, Luiz A.

 ·  Factors associated with the non-utilization of contraceptives in adolescence
Boruchovitch, Evely