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Revista de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0034-8910


Table of contents
Rev. Saúde Pública vol.29 n.4 São Paulo Aug. 1995

 Original Articles
 ·  The effect of hemolymph inoculation on the defense mechanism of Biomphalaria tenagophila (Orbigny, 1835)
Reis, Soely Maria Pissini Machado; Magalhães, Luiz Augusto; Carvalho, José Ferreira de

 ·  Relationship between the pathogenicity of Schistosoma mansoni in mice and the susceptibility of the vector mollusc: III. Mortality, body weight and viscera weights
Zanotti-Magalhães, Eliana Maria; Magalhães, Luiz Augusto; Carvalho, José Ferreira de

 ·  Studies on mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) and anthropic environment: 10- survey of adult behaviour of Culex nigripalpus and other species of Culex (Culex) in South-Eastern Brazil
Forattini, Oswaldo Paulo; Kakitani, Iná; Massad, Eduardo; Marucci, Daniel

 ·  Evaluation of the excess of tuberculosis attributable to HIV/AIDS infection
Ruffino-Netto, Antonio

 ·  Using of stratification and the logistic regression model in the analysis of data of case-control studies
Gimeno, Suely Godoy Agostinho; Souza, José Maria Pacheco de

 ·  Microbial evaluations and control workers' hands
Almeida, Rogeria Comastri de Castro; Kuaye, Arnaldo Yoshiteru; Serrano, Antônio de Melo; Almeida, Paulo Fernando de

 ·  Vitamin A deficiency in children of rural zones, Northeast region of Brazil
Prado, Matildes da Silva; Assis, Ana Marlúcia Oliveira; Martins, Maisa Cruz; Nazaré, Maria da Purificação Araújo; Rezende, Ioná F. Bonfim; Conceição, Maria Ester Pereira

 ·  Effects of vitamin C and iron-fortified milk use on hemoglobin levels and nutritional condition of children cared for in day
Torres, Marco A. A.; Sato, Kazue; Lobo, Neil Ferreira; Queiroz, Suzana de Souza

 ·  Assessment of science and technology management strategies: a case study
Pereira, Júlio Cesar Rodrigues; Gonsalez Saes, Sueli

 Current Comments
 ·  Exploratory research: a methodological procedure applied to the study of human factors in the field of public health
Piovesan, Armando; Temporini, Edméa Rita

 ·  Advances and perspectives in health economics
Hernández Peña, Patricia; Arredondo, Armando; Ortiz, Claudia; Rosenthal, Gerald