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Revista de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0034-8910


Table of contents
Rev. Saúde Pública vol.31 n.6 São Paulo Dec. 1997

 ·  Inequality and public health
Morris, Saul

 Notes and Information
 ·  Productivity of container-breeding Aedes albopictus in an urban environment
Forattini, Oswaldo Paulo; Kakitani, Iná; Sallum, Maria Anice Mureb; Rezende, Leandro de

 ·  Proxy informant reliability and bias in epidemiological research: analysis of a screening questionnaire for mental disorders
Santana, Vilma S.; Almeida Filho, Naomar de; Rocha, Cristina O. da; Matos, Adriana S.

 ·  Women's opinions on abortion legalization in a county in Southern Brazil
César, Juraci A.; Gomes, Gildo; Horta, Bernardo L.; Oliveira, Aline K. de; Saraiva, Alessandra K. de O.; Pardo, Dagmar O.; Silva, Loimar M.; Rodghiero, Cristina L.; Gross, Márcia Regina

 ·  Rooming-in and cesarean section in maternity hospitals in a region of Southeastern Brazil
Oliveira, Maria Inês C. de; Leal, Maria do Carmo

 ·  A study of liveborn infants in a municipality of Southeastern Brazil, 1996
Maia, Maria A. C.

 ·  Oral hygiene habits among Brazilian adults in an urban area of Southern Brazil
Abegg, Claídes

 ·  Prevalence of dental caries in a 12-year-old population in localities in Southeastern Brazil, during the period 1990-1995
Peres, Marco A. de A.; Narvai, Paulo C.; Calvo, Maria C. M.

 ·  Production of services and quality of hospital care in a Southeastern State of Brazil - 1992 to 1995
Gouvêa, Carla Simone D. de; Travassos, Claudia; Fernandes, Criatiano

 ·  Reference values for carboxyhemoglobin
Siqueira, Maria Elisa P. B. de; Martins, Isarita; Costa, Andréia C.; Andrade, Eronice L.; Esteves, Maria Tereza C.; Lima, Selmo A.

 ·  Defining priorities for the management of health science and technology
Pereira, Júlio Cesar Rodrigues; Saes, Sueli Gonzales; Escuder, Maria Mercedes Loureiro

 ·  Geographical distribution and first record of Lutzomyia longipalpis in an urban area in S. Paulo State, Brazil  
Costa, Antonio I. P. da; Casanova, Cláudio; Rodas, Lilian A. C.; Galati, Eunice A. B.