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Revista de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0034-8910


Table of contents
Rev. Saúde Pública vol.32 n.3 São Paulo Jun. 1998

 Original Articles
 ·  The development of a scale to measure concepts of schizophrenia: experience among Brazilian psychiatrists
Santos, Darci N.; Blizard, Robert; Mann, Anthony H.

 ·  Risk factors for perinatal mortality in an urban area of Southern Brazil, 1993
Menezes, Ana M. B.; Barros, Fernando C.; Victora, Cesar G.; Tomasi, Elaine; Halpern, Ricardo; Oliveira, André L. B.

 ·  Small for gestational age
Almeida, Márcia Furquim de; Jorge, Maria Helena Prado de Mello

 ·  Incidence and duration of breast-feeding by pattern of delivery: a longitudinal study in Southeastern Brazil
Weiderpass, Elisabete; Barros, Fernando C.; Victora, Cesar G.; Tomasi, Elaine; Halpern, Ricardo

 ·  Geographical distribution of dengue and socioeconomic factors in an urban locality in Southeastern Brazil
Costa, Antonio Ismael Paulino da; Natal, Delsio

 ·  Diabetes as underlying or associated cause of death in the State of S. Paulo, 1992
Franco, Laercio J.; Mameri, Cecília; Pagliaro, Heloisa; Iochida, Lúcia C.; Goldenberg, Paulete

 ·  Association between smoking and alcoholism: initiation into the major human dependencies
Chaieb, José A .; Castellarin, Cassio

 ·  Costs of intervention for patients with chronic renal disease
Arredondo, Armando; Rangel, Ricardo; Icaza, Esteban de

 ·  Molluscicidal activity of Paraiso (Melia azedarach L.) (Meliaceae) on Lymnaea cubensis, host snail of Fasciolosis
Perez, Marlene Piña; Fernandez, Lorenzo Diéguez; Guirado, Orlando A. Abreu; Capote, Raiza Vázquez; Aguilar, Gerardo González

 ·  Method of simulation and choice of factors in the analysis of principal components
Fleck, Marcelo P.A.; Bourdel, Marie C.

 ·  The impact of living on the streets on latency children's friendships
Rohde, Luís A.; Ferreira, Maria Helena M.; Zomer, Andréa; Forster, Letícia; Zimmermann, Heloisa

 Current Comments
 ·  Recommendations on immunization of patients with conditions associated with general or limited immunodeficiencies
Bricks, Lucia Ferro

 Letter to editor
 ·  Preterm infants: an updating on human milk fortifiers
Toma, Tereza S.