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Revista de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0034-8910


Table of contents
Rev. Saúde Pública vol.33 n.1 São Paulo Feb. 1999

 ·  Changes and innovation in the Journal of Public Health

 ·  On the death row

 Special Article
 ·  Uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals
International Committee of Medical Journal Editors

 Original Articles
 ·  Reliability of self-reported weight and height among State bank employees
Chor, Dóra; Coutinho, Evandro da Silva Freire; Laurenti, Ruy

 ·  Assessment of diabetic patient management at primary health care level
Araújo, Rejane B.; Santos, Iná dos; Cavaleti, Marcelo A.; Costa, Juvenal S. D. da; Béria, Jorge U.

 ·  Evaluation of population data quality and coverage of registration of deaths for the Brazilian regions
Paes, Neir Antunes; Albuquerque, Marconi Edson Esmeraldo

 ·  Study of public and private hospital care on a populational basis, 1986-1996
Rocha, Juan Stuardo Yazlle; Simões, Breno José Guanais

 ·  Hospital morbidity determinants in a region of S. Paulo State (Brazil)
Lebrão, Maria Lúcia

 ·  Reproductive characteristics of women from 15 to 49 years of age: comparative studies and planning for actions
Olinto, Maria Teresa A.; Galvão, Loren W.

 ·  Utilization of prescribed drugs by HIV infected individuals: qualitative approach
Acurcio, Francisco A.; Guimarães, Mark D. C.

 ·  Traumatic brain injury: differences among pedestrians and motor vehicle occupants
Sousa, Regina M. C. de; Regis, Fabiane C.; Koizumi, Maria S.

 Notes and Information
 ·  Aedes albopictus in rural zone of Brazil and its implication in the sylvatic yellow fever transmission
Gomes, Almério de Castro; Bitencourt, Marisa Dantas; Natal, Délsio; Pinto, Pedro Luis Silva; Mucci, Luis Filipe; Paula, Marcia Bicudo de; Urbinatti, Paulo Roberto; Barata, José Maria Soares

 Current Comments
 ·  Child-care attendance and common morbidity: evidence of association in the literature and questions of design
Barros, Aluísio J. D.

 ·  The science and the society
Forattini, Oswaldo Paulo