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Revista de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0034-8910


Table of contents
Rev. Saúde Pública vol.33 n.3 São Paulo Jun. 1999

 ·  The european community, the euro and science

 Special Article
 ·  Training of local health managers: process of identification of strategic actions
Tanaka, Oswaldo Y.; Nemes, Maria I. B.; Novaes, H. Maria D.; Bastos, Magnólia G.; César, Chester L. G.; Riedel, Lúcia F.; Rosalen, Juliana

 Original Articles
 ·  Chagas disease in an area of recent occupation in Cochabamba, Bolivia
Albarracin-Veizaga, Hugo; Carvalho, Maria Esther de; Nascimento, Elvira M M do; Rodrigues, Vera Lúcia C C; Casanova, Cláudio; Barata, José Maria S

 ·  Reproductive risk factors associated with breast cancer in Columbian women
Olaya-Contreras, Patricia; Pierre, Buekens; Lazcano-Ponce, Eduardo; Villamil-Rodriguez, Julieta; Posso-Valencia, Héctor J

 ·  Prevalence of use of medicines during pregnancy and its relationship to maternal factors
Gomes, Keila R O; Moron, Antonio F; Souza e Silva, Rebeca de; Siqueira, Arnaldo Augusto Franco de

 ·  Cancer mortality in industrial area of Southeastern region of Brazil
Faria, Marcília de A M; Almeida, José Wilson R de; Zanetta, Dirce M T

 ·  Mortality among japanese migrants living in a State of Parana, Brazil
Souza, Regina Kazue Tanno de; Gotlieb, Sabina Léa Davidson

 ·  Evaluation of the quality of mortality information by unspecified accidents and events of undetermined intent in a metropolis of Southeastern Brazil
Drumond Jr, Marcos; Lira, Margarida M. T. A.; Freitas, Marina de; Nitrini, Tania M. V.; Shibao, Katsue

 ·  Problems in the standardization of the polymerase chain reaction for the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis
Bollela, Valdes R.; Sato, Daisy N.; Fonseca, Benedito A. L.

 ·  Prescription patterns of drugs of systemic use by dentists
Castilho, Lia S; Paixão, Helena H.; Perini, Edson

 ·  Analysis of human anti rabic post exposure treatment in an urban region of Southeastern Brazil
Garcia, Rita C. M.; Vasconcellos, Silvio A .; Sakamoto, Sidnei M.; Lopez, André C.

 ·  Experimental investigation of canine echinococcosis from swine hydatic cyst in Mexico
Zuñiga-A, Ismael; Jaramillo-A, Carlos J; Martínez-M, José J; Cárdenas-L, Jorge

 ·  Marking-release-recapture methods for determining the size of the natural population of Anopheles albitarsis l.s. (Diptera: Culicidae)
Santos, Roseli La Corte dos; Forattini, Oswaldo Paulo

 Current Comments
 ·  Alternative models for the epidemiological analysis of obesity as a public health problem
Parra-Cabrera, Socorro; Hernández, Bernardo; Durán-Arenas, Luis; López-Arellano, Oliva