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Revista de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0034-8910


Table of contents
Rev. Saúde Pública vol.34 n.2 São Paulo Apr. 2000

 ·  Science and basic human needs

 ·  Infections resurgence

 Original Articles
 ·  Breast cancer in Mexican women: an epidemiological study with cervical cancer control
Tovar-Guzmán, Víctor; Hernández-Girón, Carlos; Lazcano-Ponce, Eduardo; Romieu, Isabelle; Hernández Avila, Mauricio

 ·  Oncologic colpocytology collected in the public health and reference services in the diagnostic of the severity of intraepithelial cervical lesion
Lapin, Guilherme A; Derchain, Sophie FM; Tambascia, Julia

 ·  The Bambuí health and ageing study (BHAS): methodological approach and preliminary results of a population-based cohort study of the elderly in Brazil
Costa, Maria Fernanda F Lima e; Uchoa, Elizabeth; Guerra, Henrique L; Firmo, Josélia OA; Vidigal, Pedro G; Barreto, Sandhi M

 ·  Comparison between two cohorts of adolescent mothers in Southeastern Brazil
Ribeiro, Eleonora RO; Barbieri, Marco A; Bettiol, Heloisa; Silva, Antônio AM da

 ·  Evolution of breastfeeding pattern
Kummer, Suzane C; Giugliani, Elsa RJ; Susin, Lulie O; Folletto, Jacson L; Lermen, Nádia R; Wu, Vivien YJ; Santos, Lyssandra dos; Caetano, Márcio B

 ·  Victims' characteristics by road accidents in a city of Southern Brazil
Andrade, Selma Maffei de; Jorge, Maria Helena P de Mello

 ·  Myocardial infarction hospitalization by the day of the week: retrospective study
Yazlle Rocha, Juan S; Silva, Gleiton C M

 ·  Microbiological condition of hospital beds before and after terminal cleaning
Andrade, Denise de; Angerami, Emília LS; Padovani, Carlos Roberto

 ·  Variables associated with underreporting of AIDS patients, Brazil, 1996
Ferreira, Vanja MB; Portela, Margareth C; Vasconcellos, Mauricio TL

 ·  Application of the Portuguese version of the abbreviated instrument of quality life WHOQOL-bref
Fleck, Marcelo PA; Louzada, Sérgio; Xavier, Marta; Chachamovich, Eduardo; Vieira, Guilherme; Santos, Lyssandra; Pinzon, Vanessa

 ·  Drug package inserts and the adequacy of patient's drug information
Silva, Tatiane da; Dal-Pizzol, Felipe; Bello, Carina M; Mengue, Sotero S; Schenkel, Eloir P

 ·  Evaluate of popular knowledge and everyday practices in oral health
Unfer, Beatriz; Saliba, Orlando

 ·  Dental caries prevalence in permanent teeth of schoolchildren in Brazil, 1970-1996
Narvai, Paulo C; Castellanos, Roberto A; Frazão, Paulo

 Notes and Information
 ·  The influence of selection and measurement bias on secular trend in height estimates from Brazilian Navy data
Kac, Gilberto

 ·  Serological analysis reveals circulation of influenza C viruses, Brazil
Motta, Fernando C; Luiz, Maristela O; Couceiro, José NSS

 Technical Institutional Reports
 ·  Política Nacional de Medicamentos
Secretaria de Políticas de Saúde