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Revista de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0034-8910


Table of contents
Rev. Saúde Pública vol.38 n.1 São Paulo Feb. 2004

 Special Article
 ·  National Health Innovation System: relations between scientific fields and economic sectors
Pereira, Júlio Cesar Rodrigues; Baltar, Valéria Troncoso; Mello, Débora Luz de

 Original Articles
 ·  Maternal complications associated with type of delivery in a university hospital
Nomura, Roseli Mieko Yamamoto; Alves, Eliane Aparecida; Zugaib, Marcelo

 ·  Impact of underlying causes of death on life expectancy in Salvador and São Paulo, Brazil, 1996
Barboni, André Renê; Gotlieb, Sabina Léa Davidson

 ·  Risk factors for small-for-gestational age births among infants in Brazil
Zambonato, Ana Maria Krusser; Pinheiro, Ricardo Tavares; Horta, Bernardo Lessa; Tomasi, Elaine

 ·  Temporal pattern of diarrhea hospitalizations and deaths in children, 1995 to 1998, Brazil
Kale, Pauline Lorena; Fernandes, Cristiano; Nobre, Flávio Fonseca

 ·  Mortality among children enrolled in public day care centers in Brazil
Vico, Eneida S Ramos; Laurenti, Ruy

 ·  Alcohol drinking patterns by gender, ethnicity, and social class in Bahia, Brazil
Almeida-Filho, Naomar; Lessa, Ines; Magalhães, Lucélia; Araújo, Maria Jenny; Aquino, Estela; Kawachi, Ichiro; James, Sherman A

 ·  Relationship between psychosocial job satisfaction and health in white collar workers
Martinez, Maria Carmen; Paraguay, Ana Isabel Bruzzi Bezerra; Latorre, Maria do Rosário Dias de Oliveira

 ·  Prevalence and severity of domestic violence among pregnant women, Mexico
Castro, Roberto; Ruíz, Agustín

 ·  Antischistosomal activity of artemether in experimental Schistosomiasis mansoni
Lescano, Susana Zevallos; Chieffi, Pedro Paulo; Canhassi, Rosa Regina; Boulos, Marcos; Amato Neto, Vicente

 ·  Sexually transmitted diseases symptoms in adults: prevalence and risk factors
Carret, Maria Laura Vidal; Fassa, Anaclaudia Gastal; Silveira, Denise Silva da; Bertoldi, Andréa D; Hallal, Pedro C

 ·  Breastfeeding among teenage and adult mothers in Brazil
Frota, Denise Ataide Linhares; Marcopito, Luiz Francisco

 ·  Falls among older adults seen at a São Paulo State public hospital: causes and consequences
Fabrício, Suzele Cristina Coelho; Rodrigues, Rosalina A Partezani; Costa Junior, Moacyr Lobo da

 ·  Fluoride and aluminum in teas and tea-based beverages
Hayacibara, Mitsue Fujimaki; Queiroz, Celso Silva; Tabchoury, Cínthia Pereira Machado; Cury, Jaime Aparecido

 ·  Observation of language, visual and hearing function development in infants
Lima, Maria Cecília Marconi Pinheiro; Barbarini, Grasiela Conceição; Gagliardo, Heloisa Gagheggi Ravanini Gardon; Arnais, Magali Aparecida de Oliveira; Gonçalves, Vanda Maria Gimenes

 ·  Determinants of elders' choice between private and public health care providers
Bós, Antônio M G; Bós, Ângelo J G

 ·  Impact of decentralization on health financing in Mexico
Arredondo, Armando; Parada, Irene; Orozco, Emanuel; García, Eunice

 Brief Communications
 ·  Psychoactive drug use in school age adolescents, Brazil
Guimarães, José Luiz; Godinho, Pedro Henrique; Cruz, Rubens; Kappann, Jair Izaías; Tosta Junior, Lairto Alves

 ·  Mosquitoes with morning biting activity in the Atlantic forest, Brazil (Diptera, Culicidae)
Paterno, Uéslei; Marcondes, Carlos Brisola

 ·  Aedes albopictus in an area of Misiones, Argentina
Schweigmann, Nicolás; Vezzani, Darío; Orellano, Pablo; Kuruc, Jorge; Boffi, Rolando

 Letters to the editor
 ·  Domestic water reservoir as breeding site of Aedes aegypti
Silva, Allan Martins da

 Technical Institutional Reports
 ·  Data on hospital infection, external causes of death, and visceral leishmaniose in the state of São Paulo, Brazil
Secretaria de Estado da Saúde de São Paulo

 ·  Information on drug regulation and control of hospital infection
Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária