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Revista de Saúde Pública
versión impresa ISSN 0034-8910


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Rev. Saúde Pública vol.38  supl.0 São Paulo dic. 2004

 ·  Equity, diversity and working hours: Challenges and solutions

 Original Articles
 ·  Quality of life, life satisfaction and happiness in shift- and non-shiftworkers
Kaliterna, Lipovcan LJ; Prizmic, Larsen Z; Zganec, N

 ·  Health and psychosocial effects of flexible working hours
Janssen, Daniela; Nachreiner, Friedhelm

 ·  Working hours, work-life conflict and health in precarious and "permanent" employment
Bohle, Philip; Quinlan, Michael; Kennedy, David; Williamson, Ann

 ·  The impact of night work on subjective reports of well-being: an exploratory study of health care workers from five nations
Tepas, Donald I; Barnes-Farrell, Janet L; Bobko, Natalia; Fischer, Frida M; Iskra-Golec, Irena; Kaliterna, Ljiljana

 ·  Effects of the length and timing of nighttime naps on task performance and physiological function
Takeyama, Hidemaro; Matsumoto, Shun; Murata, Kensaburo; Ebara, Takeshi; Kubo, Tomohide; Tachi, Norihide; Itani, Toru

 ·  Shiftworking families: parents' working schedule and sleep patterns of adolescents attending school in two shifts
Radoševic-Vidacek, Biserka; Košcec, Adrijana

 ·  Can varying the number of teams in a shift schedule constitute a preventive strategy?
Jeppesen, Hans Jeppe; Kleiven, Magnar; Bøggild, Henrik

 ·  BASS 4: a software system for ergonomic design and evaluation of working hours
Schomann, Carsten; Stapel, Wolfgang; Nickel, Peter; Eden, Jens; Nachreiner, Friedhelm

 ·  Conflicts between employee preferences and ergonomic recommendations in shift scheduling: regulation based on consent is not sufficient
Gärtner, Johannes

 ·  Linking better shiftwork arrangements with safety and health management systems
Kogi, Kazutaka

 Current Comments
 ·  Diversity and equity: dealing with biological and social differences
Nachreiner, Friedhelm

 ·  Multidimensional aspects related to shiftworkers' health and well-being
Costa, Giovanni