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Revista de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0034-8910


Table of contents
Rev. Saúde Pública vol.45 n.1 São Paulo Feb. 2011

 Special Article
 ·  Challenges of postgraduate human health programs in Brazil
Guimarães, Reinaldo

 Original Articles
 ·  Direct medical costs associated with schizophrenia relapses in health care services in the city of São Paulo
Daltio, Claudiane Salles; Mari, Jair Jesus; Ferraz, Marcos Bosi

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 ·  Use of health information systems in small municipalities in Southern Brazil
Vidor, Ana Cristina; Fisher, Paul Douglas; Bordin, Ronaldo

 ·  Unnotified deaths and hospital admissions for tuberculosis in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro
Sousa, Ludmilla Monfort Oliveira; Pinheiro, Rejane Sobrino

 ·  DOTS in primary care units in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Southeastern Brazil
Ferreira, Vanja; Brito, Cláudia; Portela, Margareth; Escosteguy, Claudia; Lima, Sheyla

        · abstract in English | Portuguese | Spanish     · text in English     · pdf in English
 ·  Impact of academic exposure on health status of university students
Brandão, Maria Piedade; Pimentel, Francisco Luís; Cardoso, Margarida Fonseca

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 ·  Evaluation of an obesity prevention program in adolescents of public schools
Vargas, Izabel Cristina da Silva; Sichieri, Rosely; Sandre-Pereira, Gilza; Veiga, Gloria Valeria da

 ·  Factors associated with breastfeeding in the first hour of life
Boccolini, Cristiano Siqueira; Carvalho, Márcia Lazaro de; Oliveira, Maria Inês Couto de; Vasconcellos, Ana Glória Godoi

 ·  Contextual determinants of neonatal mortality using two analysis methods, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Zanini, Roselaine Ruviaro; Moraes, Anaelena Bragança de; Giugliani, Elsa Regina Justo; Riboldi, João

 ·  Vaccination coverage among children under two years of age based on electronic immunization registry in Southern Brazil
Luhm, Karin Regina; Cardoso, Maria Regina Alves; Waldman, Eliseu Alves

 ·  Accessibility to health services by persons with disabilities
Castro, Shamyr Sulyvan; Lefèvre, Fernando; Lefèvre, Ana Maria Cavalcanti; Cesar, Chester Luiz Galvão

 ·  Predictive validity of a questionnaire to identify older adults at risk for hospitalization
Dutra, Michel Machado; Moriguchi, Emilio Hideyuki; Lampert, Melissa Agostini; Poli-de-Figueiredo, Carlos Eduardo

 ·  Prevalence and factors associated with home care among older adults
Del Duca, Giovâni Firpo; Thumé, Elaine; Hallal, Pedro Curi

 ·  Validation of a proposal for evaluating hospital infection control programs
Silva, Cristiane Pavanello Rodrigues; Lacerda, Rúbia Aparecida

 ·  Strategies to increase the sensitivity of pharmacovigilance in Portugal
Ribeiro-Vaz, Inês; Herdeiro, Maria Teresa; Polónia, Jorge; Figueiras, Adolfo

 ·  Factors associated with arterial hypertension in pharmacy users in Portugal
Oliveira-Martins, Sofia de; Oliveira, Tiago; Gomes, João J F; Caramona, Margarida; Cabrita, José

 ·  Combined use of job stress models and self-rated health in nursing
Griep, Rosane Härter; Rotenberg, Lúcia; Landsbergis, Paul; Vasconcellos-Silva, Paulo Roberto

 ·  Brazilian validation of the Quality of Life Instrument/spirituality, religion and personal beliefs
Panzini, Raquel Gehrke; Maganha, Camila; Rocha, Neusa Sica da; Bandeira, Denise Ruschel; Fleck, Marcelo P

 ·  Ethics in the publication of studies on human visceral leishmaniasis in Brazilian periodicals
Malafaia, Guilherme; Rodrigues, Aline Sueli de Lima; Talvani, André

 ·  Surveillance of adverse effects following vaccination and safety of immunization programs
Waldman, Eliseu Alves; Luhm, Karin Regina; Monteiro, Sandra Aparecida Moreira Gomes; Freitas, Fabiana Ramos Martin de

 ·  Models of childbirth care and cesarean rates in different countries
Patah, Luciano Eduardo Maluf; Malik, Ana Maria

 ·  Hansen's disease control in the State of São Paulo: a historical analysis
Opromolla, Paula Araujo; Laurenti, Ruy

 ·  Regionalization and political dynamics of Brazilian health federalism
Dourado, Daniel de Araujo; Elias, Paulo Eduardo Mangeon

 Brief Communications
 ·  Analysis of advertising material distributed through pharmacies and drugstores
Galato, Dayani; Pereira, Greicy Borges; Valgas, Cleidson

 Letter to the Editor
 ·  Prediction of risk of death with the use of the Charlson Comorbidity Index
Martins, Monica; Almeida, Renan M V R; Pereira, Wagner Coelho de Albuquerque

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        · text in Portuguese     · pdf in Portuguese