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Revista de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0034-8910


Table of contents
Rev. Saúde Pública vol.45 n.4 São Paulo Aug. 2011

 Original Articles
 ·  Patterns of deliveries in a Brazilian birth cohort: almost universal cesarean sections for the better-off  
Barros, Aluísio J D; Santos, Iná S; Matijasevich, Alicia; Domingues, Marlos Rodrigues; Silveira, Mariângela; Barros, Fernando C; Victora, Cesar G

        · abstract in English | Portuguese | Spanish     · text in English     · pdf in English
 ·  HIV prevalence in pregnant women and vertical transmission in according to socioeconomic status, Southeastern Brazil
Vieira, Anne Caroline Barbosa Cerqueira; Miranda, Angélica Espinosa; Vargas, Paulo Roberto Merçon de; Maciel, Ethel Leonor Noia

 ·  Longitudinal anthropometric assessment of infants born to HIV-1-infected mothers, Belo Horizonte, Southeastern Brazil
Fausto, Maria Arlene; Carneiro, Mariângela; Antunes, Carlos Maurício F; Colosimo, Enrico Antonio; Pinto, Jorge Andrade

        · abstract in English | Portuguese | Spanish     · text in English     · pdf in English
 ·  Survival of a cohort of women with cervical cancer diagnosed in a Brazilian cancer center
Carmo, Claudio Calazan do; Luiz, Ronir Raggio

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 ·  Validity of 5-year-old children's oral hygiene pattern referred by mothers
Cascaes, Andreia Morales; Peres, Karen Glazer; Peres, Marco Aurélio; Demarco, Flávio Fernando; Santos, Iná; Matijasevich, Alicia; Barros, Aluísio J D

 ·  Social contextual factors contributing to child and adolescent labor: an ecological analysis
Santana, Vilma Sousa; Itaparica, Martha Suely

        · abstract in English | Portuguese | Spanish     · text in English     · pdf in English
 ·  Work, social support and leisure protect the elderly from functional loss: epidoso study
d'Orsi, Eleonora; Xavier, André Junqueira; Ramos, Luiz Roberto

 ·  Living conditions of people with psychotic disorders living in slums in Santos, Southeastern Brazil
Martin, Denise; Andreoli, Sergio Baxter; Pinto, Rosa Maria Ferreiro; Barreira, Tânia Maria Hourneaux de Mendonça

 ·  Mental health problems and smoking among adolescents from Southern Brazil
Menezes, Ana M B; Dumith, Samuel C; Martínez-Mesa, Jeovany; Silva, Alexandre Emidio Ribeiro; Cascaes, Andreia Morales; Domínguez, Giovanna Gatica; Ferreira, Fabiana Vargas; França, Giovanny Araújo; Damé, Josiane Dias; Ngale, Kátia Márcia António; Araújo, Cora L; Anselmi, Luciana

 ·  A technical analysis of medicines request-related decision making in Brazilian courts
Macedo, Eloisa Israel de; Lopes, Luciane Cruz; Barberato-Filho, Silvio

 ·  Rational therapeutics: health-related elements in lawsuits demanding medicines
Sant'Ana, João Mauricio Brambati; Pepe, Vera Lúcia Edais; Figueiredo, Tatiana Aragão; Osorio-de-Castro, Claudia Garcia Serpa; Ventura, Miriam

 ·  Gender differences in the field of sexology: new contexts and old definitions
Rohden, Fabiola; Russo, Jane

 ·  Factors associated with intimate partner physical violence among health service users
Vieira, Elisabeth Meloni; Perdona, Gleici da Silva Castro; Santos, Manoel Antonio dos

 ·  Prevalence of self-reported traffic accidents in Rio Branco, Northern Brazil
Magalhães, Andréa Fernandes; Lopes, Creso Machado; Koifman, Rosalina Jorge; Muniz, Pascoal Torres

 ·  Homicide victimization according to racial characteristics in Brazil
Soares Filho, Adauto Martins

 ·  Factors associated to relapse of leprosy in Mato Grosso, Central-Western Brazil
Ferreira, Silvana Margarida Benevides; Ignotti, Eliane; Gamba, Mônica Antar

 ·  Hospitalization for primary care-sensitive conditions in regional health districts in Southern Brazil
Souza, Leonardo Lemos de; Costa, Juvenal Soares Dias da

 ·  Infestation by triatomine bugs in indigenous communities of Valledupar, Colombia
Montilla, Marleny; Soto, Hugo; Parra, Edgar; Torres, Mariela; Carrillo, Pilar; Lugo, Ligia; Colorado, Johana; Arias, Maria Teresa

 ·  Risks and controversies in the social construction of the concept of healthy food: the case of soy
Azevedo, Elaine de

 Brief Communication
 ·  Self-rated health conditions of the adult population, Southern Brazil
Traebert, Jefferson; Bortoluzzi, Marcelo Carlos; Kehrig, Ruth Terezinha

 ·  A revised version of the Healthy Eating Index for the Brazilian population
Previdelli, Ágatha Nogueira; Andrade, Samantha Caesar de; Pires, Milena Monfort; Ferreira, Sandra Roberta Gouvea; Fisberg, Regina Mara; Marchioni, Dirce Maria

 ·  Municipal consortia for medicine procurement: impact on the stock-out and budget
Amaral, Silvâni Maria Sehnem do; Blatt, Carine Raquel

 ·  Regulatory Impact Analysis: a new tool for better regulation at ANVISA
Alves, Flávia Neves Rocha; Peci, Alketa

 Technical Institutional Reports
 ·  Political agenda for strengthening and developing universal systems of social security
Ministério da Saúde. Conselho Nacional de Saúde

        · text in Portuguese     · pdf in Portuguese
 ·  Institutional Development Program of the Brazilian National Health System
Ministério da Saúde. Departamento de Ciência e Tecnologia, Secretaria de Ciência, Tecnologia e Insumos Estratégicos

        · text in Portuguese     · pdf in Portuguese
 ·  Eliminating vertical transmission of HIV and syphilis in São Paulo State, Southeastern Brazil
Secretaria de Estado da Saúde de São Paulo. Centro de Referência e Treinamento em DST/AIDS-São Paulo, Programa Estadual de DST/aids-São Paulo, Coordenadoria de Controle de Doenças

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        · text in Portuguese     · pdf in Portuguese