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Salud Pública de México
Print version ISSN 0036-3634


Table of contents
Salud pública Méx vol.50  suppl.1 Cuernavaca Jan. 2008

 ·  Injury prevention and safety promotion
Krug, Etienne G

 ·  Traumatic brain injury in Latin America and the Caribbean: a call for research
Puvanachandra, Prasanthi; Hyder, Adnan A.

 Original articles
 ·  Alcohol and violence in the emergency department: a regional report from the WHO collaborative study on alcohol and injuries
Borges, Guilherme; Orozco, Ricardo; Cremonte, Mariana; Buzi-Figlie, Neliana; Cherpitel, Cheryl; Poznyak, Vladimir

 ·  Domestic violence surveillance system: a model
Espinosa, Rafael; Gutiérrez, María Isabel; Mena-Muñoz, Jorge Humberto; Córdoba, Patricia

 ·  Municipal diagnosis of violence and criminality in Jundiaí - São Paulo
Neme, Cristina

 ·  Traumatic life events and posttraumatic stress disorder among Mexican adolescents: results from a survey
Orozco, Ricardo; Borges, Guilherme; Benjet, Corina; Medina-Mora, María Elena; López-Carrillo, Lizbeth

 ·  Prevalence of non-fatal road traffic injuries in Mexico: results from ENSANUT 2006
Ávila-Burgos, Leticia; Medina-Solís, Carlo E; Pérez-Núñez, Ricardo; Híjar-Medina, Martha; Aracena-Genao, Belkis; Hidalgo-Solórzano, Elisa; Palma-Coca, Oswaldo

 ·  Traffic related deaths in Nuevo Leon, Mexico: causes and associated factors
Arreola-Rissa, Carlos; Santos-Guzmán, Jesús; Esquivel-Guzmán, Adol; Mock, Charles N

 ·  Impact-absorbing and containment barriers: reduction in accident mortality
Arreola-Rissa, Carlos; Santos-Guzmán, Jesús; Esquivel-Guzmán, Adol; Mock, Charles; Herrera-Escamilla, Alejandro

 ·  Road traffic injuries among youth: measuring the impact of an educational intervention
Hidalgo-Solórzano, Elisa; Híjar, Martha; Mora-Flores, Gerardo; Treviño-Siller, Sandra; Inclán-Valadez, Cristina

 ·  Impact of interventions directed toward motorcyclist death prevention in Cali, Colombia: 1993-2001
Espitia-Hardeman, Victoria; Vélez, Luis; Muñoz, Edgar; Gutiérrez-Martínez, María Isabel; Espinosa-Vallín, Rafael; Concha-Eastman, Alberto

 Review articles
 ·  Safe communities: a synopsis
Fandiño-Losada, Andrés; Bangdiwala, Shrikant I; Gutiérrez, María Isabel; Svanström, Leif

 ·  Youth violence prevention, what works?
Guerrero, Rodrigo

 ·  Traffic safety and city structure: lessons for the future
Mohan, Dinesh

 ·  Injury prevention and control: reflections on the state and the direction of the field
Segui-Gomez, Maria; Miller, Mathew

 ·  The role of supervision of children in injury prevention
Mack, Karin A; Sogolow, Ellen; Strouse, Darcy; Lipman, Paula Darby

 ·  Setting priorities for child health and research: the neglected burden of injuries
Ameratunga, Shanthi N; Hyder, Adnan A; Sultana, Shaheen