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Bulletin of the World Health Organization
Print version ISSN 0042-9686


Table of contents
Bull World Health Organ vol.78 n.1 Genebra Jan. 2000

 ·  Poverty and inequity: a proper focus for the new century
Feachem, Richard G.A

 Critical Reflection
 ·  Health inequalities and the health of the poor: What do we know? What can we do?
Gwatkin, D.R

 Theme Papers
 ·  Socioeconomic inequalities in child mortality: comparisons across nine developing countries
Wagstaff, Adam

 ·  Inequality of child mortality among ethnic groups in Sub-Saharan Africa
Brockerhoff, M; Hewett, P

 ·  Defining and measuring health inequality: an approach based on the distribution of health expectancy
Gakidou, E.E; Murray, C.J.L; Frenk, J

 ·  Inequalities in health care use and expenditures: empirical data from eight developing countries and countries in transition
Makinen, M; Waters, H; Rauch, M; Almagambetova, N; Bitran, R; Gilson, L; McIntyre, D; Pannarunothai, S; Prieto, A.L; Ubilla, G; Ram, S

 ·  Public spending on health care in Africa: do the poor benefit?
Castro-Leal, F; Dayton, J; Demery, L

 Round Table Discussion
 ·  Health inequalities impact assessment
Acheson, Donald

 ·  Equality, equity: why bother?
Alleyne, George A.O; Casas, Juan Antonio; Castillo-Salgado, Carlos

 ·  Overcoming inequity means finding approaches that work
Barzach, Michèle

 ·  Combining forces against inequity and poverty rather than splitting hairs
Braveman, Paula

 ·  Efficient equity-oriented strategies for health
Dahlgren, Göran

 ·  Equity and gender
Gupta, Geeta Rao

 ·  Understanding and setting up the process for health equity
Liu, Yuanli

 ·  The key to overcoming inequality is political commitment
Orosz, Éva

 ·  Cost-effectiveness of iron supplementation and malaria chemoprophylaxis in the prevention of anaemia and malaria among Tanzanian infants
González, M. Alonso; Menéndez, C; Font, F; Kahigwa, E; Kimario, J; Mshinda, H; Tanner, M; Bosch-Capblanch, X; Alonso, P.L

 ·  Deterioration in the nutritional status of young children and their mothers in Brazzaville, Congo, following the 1994 devaluation of the CFA franc
Martin-Prével, Y; Delpeuch; Traissac, P; Massamba, J.-P; Adoua-Oyila, G; Coudert, K; Trèche, S

 ·  Detection of trypanosomes in suspected sleeping sickness patients in Uganda using the polymerase chain reaction
Kyambadde, J.W; Enyaru, J.C.K; Matovu, E; Odiit, M; Carasco, J.F

 Policy and Practice
 ·  Health system reform and the role of field sites based upon demographic and health surveillance
Tollman, S.M; Zwi, A.B

 ·  Anthropological perspectives on injections: a review
Reeler, A.V

 ·  Immunization "is a key step toward overcoming poverty"

 ·  Potential new drug treatment for osteoporosis

 ·  Health by the people: a colloquium to celebrate the life of Ken Newell

 ·  Inaugural conference of the International Society for Equity in Health, La Havana, Cuba, 29-30 June 2000

 ·  A new paradox: drugs too cheap to stay available
Allerberger, F; Dierich, M.P

 ·  Unified terminology for pathology of the cervix
N’Golet, Arthur