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Bulletin of the World Health Organization
Print version ISSN 0042-9686


Table of contents
Bull World Health Organ vol.78 n.2 Genebra Jan. 2000

 ·  Immunization safety: a global priority
Scholtz, M.; Duclos, P.

 Theme Papers
 ·  New challenges in assuring vaccine quality
Dellepiane, N.; Griffiths, E.; Milstien, J.B.

 ·  Safety of immunization injections in Africa: not simply a problem of logistics
Dicko, M.; Oni, A.-Q.O.; Ganivet, S.; Kone, S.; Pierre, L.; Jacquet, B.

 ·  Developing a national system for dealing with adverse events following immunization
Mehta, U.; Milstien, J.B.; Duclos, P.; Folb, P.I.

 ·  Monitoring signals for vaccine safety: the assessment of individual adverse event reports by an expert advisory committee
Collet, J.-P.; MacDonald, N.; Cashman, N.; Pless, R.; the Advisory Committee on Causality Assessment

 ·  The Vaccine Safety Datalink: immunization research in health maintenance organizations in the USA
Chen, R.T.; DeStefano, F.; Davis, R.L.; Jackson, L.A.; Thompson, R.S.; Mullooly, J.P.; Black, S.B.; Shinefield, H.R.; Vadheim, C.M.; Ward, J.I.; Marcy, S.M.; the Vaccine Safety Datalink Team

 ·  Simian virus 40, poliovirus vaccines, and human cancer: research progress versus media and public interests
Butel, J.S.

 ·  Clinical safety issues of measles, mumps and rubella vaccines
Afzal, M.A.; Minor, P.D.; Schild, G.C.

 Round Table
 ·  Vaccine adverse events in the new millennium: is there reason for concern?
Ward, B.J.

 Round Table Discussion
 Bulletin 2000 Feedback
 ·  Health inequalities and social inequalities in health
Braveman, Paula; Krieger, Nancy; Lynch, John

 ·  Response to P. Braveman et al.
Murray, C.J.L.; Gakidou, E.E.; Frenk, J.

 Critical Reflection
 ·  Reducing HIV/AIDS risk, impact and vulnerability
Tarantola, D.

 ·  Directly observed treatment, short-course strategy and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis: are any modifications required?
Bastian, I.; Rigouts, L.; Van Deun, A.; Portaels, F.

 ·  Prevalence of use of complementary/alternative medicine: a systematic review
Ernst, E.

 ·  Preventing trachoma through environmental sanitation: a review of the evidence base
Prüss, A.; Mariotti, S.P.

 Policy & Practice
 ·  Biomedical and development paradigms in AIDS prevention
Wolffers, I.

 Books & Electronic Media
 ·  Cercarial dermatitis in India
Agrawal, M.C.; Gupta, S.; George, J.