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Bulletin of the World Health Organization
versão impressa ISSN 0042-9686


Bull World Health Organ vol.78 no.9 Genebra Jan. 2000

In this month's Bulletin

 ·  The sustainability transition: a new challenge
McMichael, Anthony J.; Smith, Kirk R.; Corvalan, Carlos F.

 Theme Papers
 ·  Environmental lead exposure: a public health problem of global dimensions
Tong, Shilu; Schirnding, Yasmin E. von; Prapamontol, Tippawan

 ·  Indoor air pollution in developing countries: a major environmental and public health challenge
Bruce, Nigel; Perez-Padilla, Rogelio; Albalak, Rachel

 ·  Contamination of drinking-water by arsenic in Bangladesh: a public health emergency
Smith, Allan H.; Lingas, Elena O.; Rahman, Mahfuzar

 ·  Guidelines for the microbiological quality of treated wastewater used in agriculture: recommendations for revising WHO guidelines
Blumenthal, Ursula J.; Mara, D. Duncan; Peasey, Anne; Ruiz-Palacios, Guillermo; Stott, Rebecca

 ·  The urban environment and health in a world of increasing globalization: issues for developing countries
McMichael, Anthony J.

 ·  El Niño and human health
Kovats, R. Sari

 ·  Climate change and vector-borne diseases: a regional analysis
Githeko, Andrew K.; Lindsay, Steve W.; Confalonieri, Ulisses E.; Patz, Jonathan A.

 ·  Protecting human health in a changing world: the role of social and economic development
Woodward, Alistair; Hales, Simon; Litidamu, Navitalai; Phillips, David; Martin, John

 Round Table
 ·  Environmental health: for the rich or for all?
Smith, Kirk R.

 Public Health Classic
 ·  Paracelsus and Goethe: founding fathers of environmental health
Binswanger, Hans C.; Smith, Kirk R.

 ·  Faust: a dramatic poem, by Goethe

 ·  Adverse events monitoring as a routine component of vaccine clinical trials: evidence from the WHO Vaccine Trial Registry
Mayans, Marti Vall; Robertson, Susan E.; Duclos, Philippe

 ·  G8 countries set priorities for infectious diseases but fail to make progress on debt relief
Watts, Jonathan

 ·  West Nile virus detected in mosquitoes in Central Park
Gottlieb, Scott

 ·  Working draft of the human genome completed
Dobson, Roger

 ·  Nelson Mandela calls for unity at the XIIIth International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa
Whyte, Barry

 ·  WHO defines priority actions to address developments in human genetics
Whyte, Barry

 News Extra
 ·  Proteomics: beyond the genome sequence
Whyte, Barry

 Books & Electronic Media
 ·  Health, civilization and the state: a history of public health from ancient to modern times
Vaughan, Patrick

 ·  Preparing for natural birth
Biancuzzo, Marie

 ·  Community surveys to identify health priorities
Tang, Joyce; Lo, Grace