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Bulletin of the World Health Organization
Print version ISSN 0042-9686


Table of contents
Bull World Health Organ vol.79 n.6 Genebra Jan. 2001

In this month’s Bulletin

 ·  Health systems performance: what’s next?
Wibulpolprasert, Suwit; Tangcharoensathien, Viroj

 ·  Prevalence, awareness, treatment and control of hypertension among the elderly in Bangladesh and India: a multicentre study
Hypertension Study Group

 ·  Using lot quality assurance sampling to improve immunization coverage in Bangladesh
Tawfik, Youssef; Hoque, Shamsul; Siddiqi, Mizan

 ·  Estimating the prevalence of anaemia: a comparison of three methods
Sari, Mayang; Pee, Saskia de; Martini, Elviyanti; Herman, Susilowati; Sugiatmi; Bloem, Martin W.; Yip, Ray

 ·  Client satisfaction and quality of health care in rural Bangladesh
Aldana, Jorge Mendoza; Piechulek, Helga; Al-Sabir, Ahmed

 ·  Evidence of behaviour change following a hygiene promotion programme in Burkina Faso
Curtis, Valerie; Kanki, Bernadette; Cousens, Simon; Diallo, Ibrahim; Kpozehouen, Alphonse; Sangaré, Morike; Nikiema, Michel

 ·  Group A streptococcal sore throat in a periurban population of northern India: a one-year prospective study
Nandi, Sobhan; Kumar, Rajesh; Ray, Pallab; Vohra, Harpreet; Ganguly, Nirmal K.

 ·  Iodine concentration in household salt in South Africa
Jooste, Pieter L.; Weight, Michael J.; Lombard, Carl J.

 ·  Coeliac disease: a potentially treatable health problem of Saharawi refugee children
Rätsch, Ilse-Maria; Catassi, Carlo

 ·  The burden of disease in Maputo City, Mozambique: registered and autopsied deaths in 1994
Dgedge, Martinho; Novoa, Ana; Macassa, Gloria; Sacarlal, Jahit; Black, James; Michaud, Catherine; Cliff, Julie

 Policy and Practice
 ·  On measuring inequalities in health
Wolfson, Michael; Rowe, Geoff

 ·  Maternal mortality at the end of a decade: signs of progress?
AbouZahr, Carla; Wardlaw, Tessa

 ·  Targeted interventions required against genital ulcers in African countries worst affected by HIV infection
O’Farrell, Nigel

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