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Bulletin of the World Health Organization
versão impressa ISSN 0042-9686


Bull World Health Organ vol.79 no.9 Genebra Jan. 2001

In this month's Bulletin

 ·  Globalization: changing the public health landscape
Drager, Nick; Beaglehole, Robert

 ·  Globalization: from rhetoric to evidence
Feachem, Richard G.A.

 ·  The etiology of maternal mortality in developing countries: what do verbal autopsies tell us?
Sloan, Nancy L.; Langer, A.; Hernandez, B.; Romero, M.; Winikoff, B.

 ·  Comparison of safety and immunogenicity of a Vi polysaccharide typhoid vaccine with a whole-cell killed vaccine in Malaysian Air Force recruits
Panchanathan, Vijayaretnam; Kumar, Senthil; Yeap, Wynie; Devi, Shamala; Ismail, Raman; Sarijan, Samiran; Sam, Salleh Mohd; Jusoh, Zahari; Nordin, Salleh; Leboulleux, Didier; Pang, Tikki

 Public Health Reviews
 ·  Eradicating chancroid
Steen, Richard

 Policy and Practice
 ·  Is globalization good for your health?
Dollar, David

 ·  Globalization and health: results and options
Cornia, Giovanni Andrea

 ·  The globalization of public health: the first 100 years of international health diplomacy
Fidler, David P.

 ·  Information and communication technologies and health in low income countries: the potential and the constraints
Chandrasekhar, C.P.; Ghosh, J.

 ·  Globalization, diet, and health: an example from Tonga
Evans, Mike; Sinclair, Robert C.; Fusimalohi, Caroline; Liava'a, Viliami

 ·  Globalization and occupational health: a perspective from southern Africa
Loewenson, Rene

 ·  Global public goods and health: taking the agenda forward
Kaul, Inge; Faust, Michael

 ·  Globalization and health: a framework for analysis and action
Woodward, David; Drager, Nick; Beaglehole, Robert; Lipson, Debra

 ·  The Australian Measles Control Campaign, 1998
Turnbull, Fiona M.; Burgess, Margaret A.; McIntyre, Peter B.; Lambert, Stephen B.; Gilbert, G. Lyn; Gidding, Heather F.; Escott, Ros G.; Achat, Helen M.; Hull, Brynley P.; Wang, Han; Sam, Greg A.; Mead, Cathy L.

 ·  Globalization and health viewed from three parts of the world
Sitthi-amorn, Chitr; Somrongthong, Ratana; Janjaroen, Watana S.; Owen, John Wyn; Thankappan, K. R.

 ·  Drug studies in developing countries
Olliaro, Piero L.; Vijayan, Ramani; Inbasegaran, K.; Chim, Choy Lang; Looareesuwan, Sornchai

 ·  Needed: tenable values or five to ten more earth-sized planets
Last, John; Avery, Desmond

 Books & Electronic Media
 ·  The Lugano Report: on preserving capitalism in the 21st century
King, Maurice

 ·  Human frontiers, environments and disease: past patterns, uncertain futures
Beaglehole, Robert

 ·  Maternal mortality estimates are useful
White, Franklin; Saleem, Sarah

 ·  Aircraft disinsection
Das, Rupali; Cone, James; Sutton, Patrice

 News Features
 ·  Globalization - how healthy?

 WHO News
 ·  TB drug prices slashed for poor countries
Hagmann, Michael

 ·  Electromagnetic fields in homes carry leukaemia risk for children, WHO agency says
Vastag, Brian