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Bulletin of the World Health Organization
Print version ISSN 0042-9686


Table of contents
Bull World Health Organ vol.79 n.11 Genebra Jan. 2001

In this month's Bulletin

 ·  Our human genome - how can it serve us well?
Williamson, Bob

 ·  A national register for surveillance of inherited disorders: b thalassaemia in the United Kingdom
Modell, Bernadette; Khan, Maren; Darlison, Matthew; King, Anita; Layton, Mark; Old, John; Petrou, Mary; Varnavides, Lysandros

 ·  Malaria control in Bungoma District, Kenya: a survey of home treatment of children with fever, bednet use and attendance at antenatal clinics
Hamel, Mary J.; Odhacha, Amos; Roberts, Jacquelin M.; Deming, Michael S.

 ·  Comparison of two training strategies for essential newborn care in Brazil
Vidal, Suely Arruda; Ronfani, Luca; Silveira, Suzana da Mota; Mello, Maria J.; Santos, Erlene R. dos; Buzzetti, Roberto; Cattaneo, Adriano

 ·  User fees, health staff incentives, and service utilization in Kabarole District, Uganda
Kipp, Walter; Kamugisha, Jimmy; Jacobs, Phil; Burnham, Gilbert; Rubaale, Tom

 ·  Immune response to measles vaccine in Peruvian children
Bautista-López, Norma L.; Vaisberg, Abraham; Kanashiro, Rosa; Hernández, Herminio; Ward, Brian J.

 ·  Prevalence of impairments, disabilities, handicaps and quality of life in the general population: a review of recent literature
Barbotte, Eric; Guillemin, Francis; Chau, Nearkasen; Lorhandicap Group

 ·  Antibody response to 17D yellow fever vaccine in Ghanaian infants
Osei-Kwasi, Mubarak; Dunyo, S.K.; Koram, K.A.; Afari, E.A.; Odoom, J.K.; Nkrumah, F.K.

 ·  Malathion resistance and prevalence of the malathion carboxylesterase mechanism in populations of mosquito vectors of disease in Sri Lanka
Karunaratne, S.H.P.P.; Hemingway, J.

 ·  The contribution of reproductive ill-health to the overall burden of perceived illness among women in southern India
Bhatia, Jagdish; Cleland, John

 Policy and Practice
 ·  Syndromic treatment of gonococcal and chlamydial infections in women seeking primary care for the genital discharge syndrome: decision-making
Behets, Frieda M-T.F.; Miller, William C.; Cohen, Myron S.

 ·  The burden of disease and injury in Australia
Mathers, Colin D.; Vos, E. Theo; Stevenson, Christopher E.; Begg, Stephen J.

 Books & Electronic Media
 ·  The world health report 2001 - Mental health: new understanding, new hope
Sayers, Janet

 ·  Tobacco control in tobacco-producing countries
Guindon, Emmanuel; Bettcher, Douglas

 ·  Continent-wide attack launched on African trypanosomiasis
Maurice, John

 WHO News
 ·  For Afghan polio eradication the show goes on
Kingman, Sharon

 ·  WHO helps countries prepare for bioterror attacks
Hagmann, Michael

 ·  WHO finds governments "remiss" on mental disorders
Maurice, John

 News Features
 ·  Planet Earth, getting too hot for health?
Agnew, Bruce