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Bulletin of the World Health Organization
versão impressa ISSN 0042-9686


Bull World Health Organ vol.80 no.5 Genebra Jan. 2002

In this month's Bulletin

 ·  Eliminating iodine deficiency disorders
Benoist, Bruno de; Clugston, Graeme

 ·  Early detection and response to meningococcal disease epidemics in sub-Saharan Africa: appraisal of the WHO strategy
Leake, J.A.D.; Kone, M.L.; Yada, A.A.; Barry, L.F.; Traore, G.; Ware, A.; Coulibaly, T.; Berthe, A.; Mambu Ma Disu, H.; Rosenstein, N.E.; Plikaytis, B.D.; Esteves, K.; Kawamata, J.; Wenger, J.D.; Heymann, D.L.; Perkins, B.A.

 ·  Tobacco use in Tunisia: behaviour and awareness
Fakhfakh, Radhouane; Hsairi, Mohamed; Maalej, Mohsen; Achour, Nourredinne; Nacef, Taoufik

 ·  Using mortuary statistics in the development of an injury surveillance system in Ghana
London, Jason; Mock, Charles; Abantanga, Francis A.; Quansah, Robert E.; Boateng, K.A.

 ·  Ectopic pregnancy in Conakry, Guinea
Thonneau, Patrick; Hijazi, Yolande; Goyaux, Nathalie; Calvez, Thierry; Keita, Namory

 ·  Education and acute coronary syndromes: results from the CARDIO2000 epidemiological study
Pitsavos, Christos E.; Panagiotakos, Demosthenes B.; Chrysohoou, Christina A.; Skoumas, John; Stefanadis, Christodoulos; Toutouzas, Pavlos K.

 ·  The treatment gap and primary health care for people with epilepsy in rural Gambia
Coleman, Rosalind; Loppy, Louie; Walraven, Gijs

 ·  Can ivermectin mass treatments eliminate onchocerciasis in Africa?
Winnen, M.; Plaisier, A.P.; Alley, E.S.; Nagelkerke, N.J.D.; van Oortmarssen, G.; Boatin, B.A.; Habbema, J.D.F.

 ·  Trends and spatial distribution of deaths of children aged 12-60 months in São Paulo, Brazil, 1980-98
Antunes, José Leopoldo Ferreira; Waldman, Eliseu Alves

 ·  Evaluation of two years of mass chemotherapy against ascariasis in Hamadan, Islamic Republic of Iran
Fallah, Mohammad; Mirarab, Akbar; Jamalian, Farzad; Ghaderi, Ahmad

 Policy and Practice
 ·  Air travel and venous thromboembolism
Mendis, Shanthi; Yach, Derek; Alwan, Ala

 ·  Definition and measurement of reproductive health
Sadana, Ritu

 Round Table
 ·  Eliminating iodine deficiency disorders: the role of the International Council in the global partnership
Hetzel, Basil S.

 ·  Discussion
Gerasimov, Gregory; Pandav, Chandrakant S.; Benmiloud, Moulay; Delange, François M.; Todd, Charles

 Books & Electronic Media
 ·  Malaria in pregnancy
Gomes, Melba

 ·  Diabetic retinopathy: time for action. No complacency please!
Verma, Lalit; Prakash, Gunjan; Tewari, Hem K.

 ·  Societal variables are central to effective HIV intervention models
Kumar, Prasanna; Hawkes, Sarah J.; Buse, Kent

 ·  Global response to antimicrobial resistance
Arya, Subhash C.

 ·  Crisis in East European health systems: "Europe's best kept secret"
Walgate, Robert

 ·  HIV does cause AIDS but it's hard to prescribe the drugs, says South Africa's ANC
Cullinan, Kerry

 ·  AIDS growth in India can be stopped in five years, claims government
Sarkar, Bishakha de

 ·  Nepal deworming programme ready to go worldwide
Khanal, Prakash; Walgate, Robert

 WHO News
 ·  Eradication of polio threatened by global instability

 ·  WHO unmasks another killer: inactivity

 ·  Access to HIV drugs: reliable products listed

 ·  Policy for ageing announced