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Bulletin of the World Health Organization
versão impressa ISSN 0042-9686


Bull World Health Organ vol.81 no.4 Genebra Jan. 2003

In this month's Bulletin

 ·  Public-private partnerships for health require thoughtful evaluation
Widdus, Roy

 ·  The global burden of diarrhoeal disease in children
Parashar, Umesh D.; Bresee, Joseph S.; Glass, Roger I.

 ·  Implementation of WHO guidelines on management of severe malnutrition in hospitals in Africa
Deen, Jacqueline L.; Funk, Matthias; Guevara, Victor C.; Saloojee, Haroon; Doe, James Y.; Palmer, Ayo; Weber, Martin W.

 ·  Non-specific effect of measles vaccination on overall child mortality in an area of rural India with high vaccination coverage: a population-based case-control study
Kabir, Zubair; Long, Jean; Reddaiah, Vankadara P.; Kevany, John; Kapoor, Suresh K.

 ·  Transgenic mice as an alternative to monkeys for neurovirulence testing of live oral poliovirus vaccine: validation by a WHO collaborative study
Dragunsky, Eugenia; Nomura, Tatsuji; Karpinski, Kazimir; Furesz, John; Wood, David J.; Pervikov, Yuri; Abe, Shinobu; Kurata, Takeshi; Vanloocke, Olivier; Karganova, Galina; Taffs, Rolf; Heath, Alan; Ivshina, Anna; Levenbook, Inessa

 ·  Self-treatment of malaria in rural communities, Butajira, southern Ethiopia
Deressa, Wakgari; Ali, A.; Enqusellassie, F.

 ·  Cost-effectiveness of social marketing of insecticide-treated nets for malaria control in the United Republic of Tanzania
Hanson, Kara; Kikumbih, Nassor; Schellenberg, Joanna Armstrong; Mponda, Haji; Nathan, Rose; Lake, Sally; Mills, Anne; Tanner, Marcel; Lengeler, Christian

 ·  The cost-effectiveness of policies for the safe and appropriate use of injection in healthcare settings
Dziekan, Gerald; Chisholm, Daniel; Johns, Benjamin; Rovira, Juan; Hutin, Yvan J.F.

 ·  International survey on variations in practice of the management of the third stage of labour
Festin, Mario R.; Lumbiganon, Pisake; Tolosa, Jorge E.; Finney, Kathryn A.; Ba-Thike, Katherine; Chipato, Tsungai; Gaitán, Hernando; Xu, Liangzhi; Limpongsanurak, Sompop; Mittal, Suneeta; Peedicayil, Abraham; Pramono, Noor; Purwar, Manorama; Shenoy, Sheela; Daly, Sean

 Policy and Practice
 ·  A new face for private providers in developing countries: what implications for public health?
Palmer, Natasha; Mills, Anne; Wadee, Haroon; Gilson, Lucy; Schneider, Helen

 Public Health Classics
 ·  Standard case management of pneumonia in children in developing countries: the cornerstone of the acute respiratory infection programme
Pio, Antonio

 ·  Acute lower respiratory tract infections in children: possible criteria for selection of patients for antibiotic therapy and hospital admission
Shann, Frank; Hart, Kate; Thomas, David

 Books & Electronic Media
 ·  Everyday bioethics: reflections on bioethical choices in daily life
Biller-Andorno, Nikola

 ·  Researchers argue that unsafe injections spread HIV more than unsafe sex
Crabb, Charlene

 ·  No deal in sight on cheap drugs for poor countries
Fleck, Fiona

 ·  Scientific publishers consider censoring "dangerous" research
Hagmann, Michael

 ·  Legal interest expands from tobacco to obesity
Willensky, Diana

 ·  Assisted suicide seekers turn to Switzerland
Avery, Desmond

 WHO News
 ·  Convention on tobacco control agreed

 ·  Pharmacopoeia boosts the fight against substandard drugs

 ·  Diet and chronic disease: balance intake and expenditure of energy

 ·  Unsafe sex is the main mode of HIV transmission