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Bulletin of the World Health Organization
versão impressa ISSN 0042-9686


Bull World Health Organ vol.81 no.5 Genebra Jan. 2003

In this month's Bulletin

 ·  Building the bridge across the quality chasm
Meyer, Gregg S.

 ·  How summary measures of population health are affecting health agendas
van der Maas, Paul J.

 ·  WHO and FAO have a recipe for safer food
Schlundt, Jørgen; Eck, Wim van; Vallanjon, Mary

 ·  A rapid assessment approach for public health decision-making related to the prevention of malaria during pregnancy
Parise, Monica E.; Lewis, Linda S.; Ayisi, John G.; Nahlen, Bernard L.; Slutsker, Laurence; Muga, Richard; Sharif, S.K.; Hill, Jenny; Steketee, Richard W.

 ·  Comparative performances, under laboratory conditions, of seven pyrethroid insecticides used for impregnation of mosquito nets
Hougard, Jean-Marc; Duchon, Stéphane; Darriet, Frédéric; Zaim, Morteza; Rogier, Christophe; Guillet, Pierre

 ·  Cost-effectiveness of routine immunization to control Japanese encephalitis in Shanghai, China
Ding, Ding; Kilgore, Paul E.; Clemens, John D.; Wei, Liu; Zhi-Yi, Xu

 ·  Efficacy of mebendazole and levamisole alone or in combination against intestinal nematode infections after repeated targeted mebendazole treatment in Zanzibar
Albonico, M.; Bickle, Q.; Ramsan, M.; Montresor, A.; Savioli, L.; Taylor, M.

 ·  Treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis with aminosidine (paromomycin) ointment: double-blind, randomized trial in the Islamic Republic of Iran
Asilian, A.; Jalayer, T.; Nilforooshzadeh, M.; Ghassemi, R.L.; Peto, R.; Wayling, S.; Olliaro, P.; Modabber, F.

 ·  Maternal psychosocial well-being in Eritrea: application of participatory methods and tools of investigation and analysis in complex emergency settings
Almedom, Astier M.; Tesfamichael, Berhe; Yacob, Abdu; Debretsion, Zaïd; Teklehaimanot, Kidane; Beyene, Teshome; Kuhn, Kira; Alemu, Zemui

 Policy and Practice
 ·  Evidence on the use of paracetamol in febrile children
Russell, Fiona M.; Shann, Frank; Curtis, Nigel; Mulholland, Kim

 ·  Fever and antipyresis
Eichenwald, Heinz F.

 ·  Elimination of human rabies in a canine endemic province in Thailand: five-year programme
Kamoltham, T.; Singhsa, J.; Promsaranee, U.; Sonthon, P.; Mathean, P.; Thinyounyong, W.

 ·  Hunter-gatherers win profit-sharing deal for obesity drug
Wise, Jaqui

 ·  Plasmodium falciparum outwits Malarone, protector of travellers
Crabb, Charlene

 ·  World Water Forum ends in flood of commitments
Avery, Desmond

 WHO News
 ·  WHO frontline worker dies of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)

 ·  SARS virus identified

 ·  China faces nationwide SARS epidemic

 ·  The health situation in Iraq is bleak

 ·  Unhealthy environments kill 5 million children a year

 ·  Global cancer rates to rise by 50% by 2020

 ·  Photo contest questions perceptions of diability