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Bulletin of the World Health Organization
Print version ISSN 0042-9686


Table of contents
Bull World Health Organ vol.81 n.6 Genebra Jan. 2003

In this month's Bulletin

 ·  Perspectives on health impact assessment
Kemm, John

 ·  Community participation in health impact assessments: intuitively appealing but practically difficult
Parry, Jayne; Wright, John

 ·  Health impact assessment: how to start the process and make it last
Banken, Reiner

 ·  Health impact assessment: the wider context
Morgan, Richard K.

 Policy and Practice
 ·  Health impact assessment of agriculture and food policies: lessons learnt from the Republic of Slovenia
Lock, Karen; Gabrijelcic-Blenkus, Mojca; Martuzzi, Marco; Otorepec, Peter; Wallace, Paul; Dora, Carlos; Robertson, Aileen; Zakotnic, Jozica Maucec

 ·  Including health in transport policy agendas: the role of health impact assessment analyses and procedures in the European experience
Dora, Carlos; Racioppi, Francesca

 ·  Soft data, hard effects. Strategies for effective policy on health impact assessment: an example from the Netherlands
Broeder, Lea den; Penris, Manon; Put, Gerard Varela

 ·  Towards health impact assessment of drinking-water privatization: the example of waterborne carcinogens in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)
Fehr, Rainer; Mekel, Odile; Lacombe, Martin; Wolf, Ulrike

 ·  Evaluation as a key part of health impact assessment: the English experience
Quigley, Robert J.; Taylor, Lorraine C.

 ·  Health and equity impacts of a large oil project in Africa
Jobin, William

 ·  Possible illnesses: assessing the health impacts of the Chad Pipeline Project
Leonard, Lori

 ·  Integrated environmental impact assessment: a Canadian example
Kwiatkowski, Roy E.; Ooi, Maria

 ·  Health impact assessment needs in south-east Asian countries
Caussy, Deoraj; Kumar, Priti; Than Sein, U.

 ·  Transport and land-use policies in Delhi
Tiwari, Geetam

 ·  Comparative assessment of transport risks: how it can contribute to health impact assessment of transport policies
Kjellstrom, Tord; van Kerkhoff, Lorrae; Bammer, Gabriele; McMichael, Tony

 ·  Complexity and rigour in assessing the health dimensions of sectoral policies and programmes
Ezzati, Majid

 ·  What can health impact assessment add to comparative risk assessment in decision-making?
Dora, Carlos

 ·  Health impact assessment in international development assistance: the World Bank experience
Mercier, Jean-Roger

 ·  Developing health impact assessment in the European Union
Hübel, Michael; Hedin, Anna

 ·  Development of health impact assessment in Thailand: recent experiences and challenges
Phoolcharoen, Wiput; Sukkumnoed, Decharut; Kessomboon, Puttapong

 ·  Trends in lead content of petrol in Pakistan
Paul, Rose; White, Franklin; Luby, Stephen

 ·  GlaxoSmithKline, under pressure, cuts price of AIDS treatment for poor countries
Fleck, Fiona

 ·  Nutritionists unimpressed by sugar lobby's outcry
Hagmann, Michael

 ·  Counselling reduces high blood pressure
Agnew, Bruce

 ·  Farmers kill 23 million birds to stop influenza virus
Crabb, Charlene

 WHO News
 ·  South-East Asian leaders unite to combat SARS

 ·  Singapore tightens SARS containment measures

 ·  Malaria kills 3000 children a day in Africa

 ·  US$ 20 million a month will restore the Iraqi health system