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Bulletin of the World Health Organization
versão impressa ISSN 0042-9686


Bull World Health Organ vol.82 no.3 Genebra Mar. 2004

In this month's Bulletin

 ·  Feeding the infants of HIV-infected mothers
Martines, Jose; Henderson, Peggy

 ·  Gender and the 10/90 gap in health research
Doyal, Lesley

 ·  The role of journals in enhancing health research in developing countries

 ·  Are WHO/UNAIDS/UNICEF-recommended replacement milks for infants of HIV-infected mothers appropriate in the South African context?
Papathakis, P.C.; Rollins, N.C.

 ·  Criteria for priority-setting in health care in Uganda: exploration of stakeholders' values
Kapiriri, Lydia; Norheim, Ole Frithjof

 ·  Condom use within marriage: a neglected HIV intervention
Ali, Mohamed M.; Cleland, John; Shah, Iqbal H.

 ·  Discontinuation of cost sharing in Uganda
Burnham, Gilbert M.; Pariyo, George; Galiwango, Edward; Wabwire-Mangen, Fred

 ·  Effectiveness of residual spraying of peridomestic ecotopes with deltamethrin and permethrin on Triatoma infestans in rural western Argentina: a district-wide randomized trial
Gürtler, Ricardo E.; Canale, Delmi M.; Spillmann, Cynthia; Stariolo, Raúl; Salomón, Oscar D.; Blanco, Sonia; Segura, Elsa L.

 ·  The determinants of self-reported health-related quality of life in a culturally and socially diverse South African community
Jelsma, Jennifer; Ferguson, Gillian

 ·  Tobacco smoking and oral clefts: a meta-analysis
Little, Julian; Cardy, Amanda; Munger, Ronald G.

 Policy and Practice
 ·  Population ageing in Lebanon: current status, future prospects and implications for policy
Sibai, Abla Mehio; Sen, Kasturi; Baydoun, May; Saxena, Prem

 ·  Galvanizing mental health research in low- and middle-income countries: role of scientific journals

 Books & Electronic Media
 ·  Manual of basic techniques for a health laboratory, 2nd edition
Elliot, John

 ·  Vitamin and mineral deficiencies harm one-third of the world's population, says new report
Mandelbaum-Schmid, Judith

 ·  US and Thai Governments defend HIV/AIDS vaccine trial in Thailand
Agnew, Bruce

 ·  Ailing French health care system to go under the knife
Crabb, Charlene

 ·  Top broadcasters join forces with UN on HIV/AIDS prevention
Fleck, Fiona

 In Brief
 ·  European centre for disease control

 ·  Yellow fever emergency in Liberia

 ·  Humanitarian crisis in Sudan

 In Focus
 ·  Flagging global sanitation target threatens other Millennium Development Goals
Marshall, Sarah Jane

 WHO News
 ·  Avian flu virus could evolve into dangerous human pathogen, experts fear
Fleck, Fiona

 ·  WHO refutes malaria malpractice allegations

 ·  West Africa prepares for the final battle against polio

 ·  WHO issues guidelines for herbal medicines

 ·  Oral diseases increasing in developing countries