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Bulletin of the World Health Organization
Print version ISSN 0042-9686


Table of contents
Bull World Health Organ vol.83 n.5 Genebra May. 2005

In this month's Bulletin

 ·  The promise of primary health care
Cueto, Marcos

 ·  Health care has to move into the hi-tech age
Alvarez, Richard

 ·  Priority medicines and the world
Dukes, M.N. Graham

 ·  Governments in a dilemma over bird flu
Marshall, Sarah Jane

 ·  How bad is the environment for our health?

 ·  Recent news from WHO

 ·  Evaluating the impact of the HIV pandemic on measles control and elimination
Helfand, Rita F.; Moss, William J.; Harpaz, Rafael; Scott, Susana; Cutts, Felicity

 ·  Modelling the effectiveness of financing policies to address underutilization of children's health services in Nepal
Pokhrel, Subhash; Hidayat, Budi; Flessa, Steffen; Sauerborn, Rainer

 ·  Differences in prevalence of pre-existing morbidity between injured and non-injured populations
Cameron, Cate M.; Purdie, David M.; Kliewer, Erich V.; McClure, Roderick J.

 ·  Standardized interpretation of paediatric chest radiographs for the diagnosis of pneumonia in epidemiological studies
Cherian, Thomas; Mulholland, E. Kim; Carlin, John B.; Ostensen, Harald; Amin, Ruhul; Campo, Margaret de; Greenberg, David; Lagos, Rosanna; Lucero, Marilla; Madhi, Shabir A.; O'Brien, Katherine L.; Obaro, Steven; Steinhoff, Mark C.; WHO. Radiology Working Group

 ·  Re-evaluating the burden of rabies in Africa and Asia
Knobel, Darryn L.; Cleaveland, Sarah; Coleman, Paul G.; Fèvre, Eric M.; Meltzer, Martin I.; Miranda, M. Elizabeth G.; Shaw, Alexandra; Zinsstag, Jakob; Meslin, François-Xavier

 ·  Does the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness cost more than routine care? Results from the United Republic of Tanzania
Adam, Taghreed; Manzi, Fatuma; Schellenberg, Joanna Armstrong; Mgalula, Leslie; de Savigny, Don; Evans, David B.

 Policy & Practice
 ·  The future of the HIV pandemic
Grassly, Nicholas C.; Garnett, Geoffrey P.

 ·  New approaches to effectively programming HIV/AIDS prevention resources
Stover, John

 ·  Monitoring equity in immunization coverage
Delamonica, Enrique; Minujin, Alberto; Gulaid, Jama

 ·  Time for an additional paradigm? The community-based catalyst approach to public health
Seim, Anders R.

 ·  Availability of miltefosine for the treatment of kala-azar in India
Sundar, Shyam; Murray, Henry W.

 Books & Electronic Media
 ·  Climate change and human health: risks and responses
Epstein, Paul R.

 ·  Toman's tuberculosis: case detection, treatment, and monitoring
Pio, Antonio

 ·  Tobacco: science, policy and public health/   Tobacco smoke and involuntary smoking (IARC Monographs, Volume 83)
Yach, Derek

 ·  One-journal-for-MEDLINE initiative in Nepal
Jimba, Masamine; Poudel, Krishna C.; Wakai, Susumu