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Bulletin of the World Health Organization
versão impressa ISSN 0042-9686


Bull World Health Organ vol.83 no.8 Genebra Ago. 2005

In this month's Bulletin

 ·  Structuring information and incentives to improve health
Stansfield, Sally

 ·  Access to data in health information systems
McGrail, Kimberlyn M.; Black, Charlyn

 ·  Building health information systems in the context of national strategies for the development of statistics
Williams, Tony

 ·  Countries need better information to receive development aid
Ashraf, Haroon

 WHO News
 ·  Getting the numbers right

 ·  New report focuses on health in a "borderless world"

 ·  Recent news from WHO

 ·  Cost and results of information systems for health and poverty indicators in the United Republic of Tanzania
Rommelmann, Vanessa; Setel, Philip W.; Hemed, Yusuf; Angeles, Gustavo; Mponezya, Hamisi; Whiting, David; Boerma, Ties

 Policy and Practice
 ·  Health information systems: the foundations of public health
AbouZahr, Carla; Boerma, Ties

 ·  Health information systems in humanitarian emergencies
Thieren, Michel

 ·  Harmonizing health information systems with information systems in other social and economic sectors
Macfarlane, Sarah B.

 ·  Strengthening health information systems to address health equity challenges
Nolen, Lexi Bambas; Braveman, Paula; Dachs, J. Norberto W.; Delgado, Iris; Gakidou, Emmanuela; Moser, Kath; Rolfe, Liz; Vega, Jeanette; Zarowsky, Christina

 ·  The use of a computerized database to monitor vaccine safety in Viet Nam
Ali, Mohammad; Canh Gia Do; Clemens, John D.; Park, Jin-Kyung; von Seidlein, Lorenz; Truong, Minh Tan; Thiem Dinh Vu; Le, Tho Huu; Dang, Trach Duc; The Vaccine Safety Datalink Group

 ·  Sample registration of vital events with verbal autopsy: a renewed commitment to measuring and monitoring vital statistics
Setel, Philip W.; Sankoh, Osman; Rao, Chalapati; Velkoff, Victoria A.; Mathers, Colin; Gonghuan, Yang; Hemed, Yusuf; Jha, Prabhat; Lopez, Alan D.

 ·  Evaluating national cause-of-death statistics: principles and application to the case of China
Rao, Chalapati; Lopez, Alan D.; Yang, Gonghuan; Begg, Stephen; Ma, Jiemin

 ·  Emergency medical systems in low- and middle-income countries: recommendations for action
Kobusingye, Olive C.; Hyder, Adnan A.; Bishai, David; Hicks, Eduardo Romero; Mock, Charles; Joshipura, Manjul

 Round Table
 ·  Health information system reform in South Africa: developing an essential data set
Shaw, Vincent

 ·  Information is not only for managers
Cibulskis, Richard E.

 ·  Indicators for a health information data set in Ghana
Adjei, Sam

 ·  A data warehouse approach can manage multiple data sets
Braa, Jørn

 ·  The data set must focus on service quality
Byskov, Jens; Olsen, Oystein Evjen

 Books & Electronic Media
 ·  Building better health: a handbook of behavioural change
Chopra, Mickey