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Bulletin of the World Health Organization
versão impressa ISSN 0042-9686


Bull World Health Organ vol.84 no.3 Genebra Mar. 2006

In this month's Bulletin

 ·  Making deaths count
Hill, Kenneth

 ·  Demographic Surveillance Sites and emerging challenges in international health
Baiden, Frank; Hodgson, Abraham; Binka, Fred N

 ·  Potential and limits of verbal autopsies
Garenne, Michel; Fauveau, Vincent

 ·  Malaria deaths are the hardest to count
Iley, Karen

 ·  Mexico's quest for a complete mortality data set
Braine, Theresa

 ·  Counting the dead in China
Mooney, Paul

 WHO News
 ·  Counting the dead is essential for health

 ·  Tobacco Convention: countries "changed history"

 ·  Recent news from WHO

 ·  How should we measure maternal mortality in the developing world? A comparison of household deaths and sibling history approaches
Hill, Kenneth; El Arifeen, Shams; Koenig, Michael; Al-Sabir, Ahmed; Jamil, Kanta; Raggers, Han

 ·  Cause-specific mortality rates in sub-Saharan Africa and Bangladesh
Adjuik, Martin; Smith, Tom; Clark, Sam; Todd, Jim; Garrib, Anu; Kinfu, Yohannes; Kahn, Kathy; Mola, Mitiki; Ashraf, Ali; Masanja, Honorati; Adazu, Ubaje; Sacarlal, Jahit; Alam, Nurul; Marra, Adama; Gbangou, Adjima; Mwageni, Eleuther; Binka, Fred

 ·  Assessing adult mortality in HIV-1-afflicted Zimbabwe (1998 -2003)
Lopman, Ben A; Barnabas, Ruanne; Hallett, Timothy B; Nyamukapa, Constance; Mundandi, Costa; Mushati, Phyllis; Garnett, Geoff P; Gregson, Simon

 ·  Correcting for numerator/denominator bias when assessing changing inequalities in occupational class mortality, Australia 1981 -2002
Williams, Gail M; Najman, Jake M; Clavarino, Alexandra

 ·  Assessing a new approach to verbal autopsy interpretation in a rural Ethiopian community: the InterVA model
Fantahun, Mesganaw; Fottrell, Edward; Berhane, Yemane; Wall, Stig; Högberg, Ulf; Byass, Peter

 ·  Making COD statistics useful for public health at local level in the city of Cape Town: utilidad para la salud pública a nivel local en Ciudad del Cabo
Bradshaw, Debbie; Groenewald, Pamela; Bourne, David E; Mahomed, Hassan; Nojilana, Beatrice; Daniels, Johan; Nixon, Jo

 Lessons from the Field
 ·  Facility-based maternal death reviews: effects on maternal mortality in a district hospital in Senegal
Dumont, Alexandre; Gaye, Alioune; Bernis, Luc de; Chaillet, Nils; Landry, Anne; Delage, Joanne; Bouvier-Colle, Marie-Hélène

 Policy and Practice
 ·  Tracking progress towards the Millennium Development Goals: reaching consensus on child mortality levels and trends
Child Mortality Coordination Group

 ·  A critical assessment of mortality statistics in Thailand: potential for improvements
Tangcharoensathien, Viroj; Faramnuayphol, Pinij; Teokul, Waranya; Bundhamcharoen, Kanitta; Wibulpholprasert, Suwit

 Public Health Reviews
 ·  Verbal autopsy: current practices and challenges
Soleman, Nadia; Chandramohan, Daniel; Shibuya, Kenji

 Public Health Classics
 ·  Assessing probable causes of death without death registration or certificates: a new science?
Fauveau, Vincent

 ·  Assessing probable causes of death using a standardized questionnaire: a study in rural Senegal
Garenne, Michael; Fontaine, Oliver

 ·  Counting the dead and what they died of
Johansson, Lars Age; Pavillon, Gérard; Anderson, Robert; Glenn, Donna; Griffiths, Clare; Hoyert, Donna; Jackson, Graham; Notzon, F. Sam; Rooney, Cleo; Rosenberg, Harry M; Walker, Sue; Weber, Stefanie

 ·  Capturing health information - a coding perspective
Walker, Sue

 ·  Authors' response
Mathers, Colin D; Fat, Doris Ma; Inoue, Mie; Rao, Chalapati; Lopez, Alan D