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Bulletin of the World Health Organization
versão impressa ISSN 0042-9686


Bull World Health Organ vol.85 no.10 Genebra Out. 2007

In this month's Bulletin

 ·  Poverty and development
Fosu, Augustin Kwasi

 ·  The Safe Motherhood Initiative and beyond
Islam, Monir

 ·  Opening data to the world: why health numbers matter
Wood, Sara

 ·  Defeating dengue: a difficult task ahead
Orozco, José

 ·  South African study highlights importance of research involving children
Keeton, Claire

 ·  Saving mother's lives in rural Indonesia
Analen, Cininta

 WHO News
 ·  The Global Fund expands its role

 ·  Recent news from WHO

 ·  Huge poor-rich inequalities in maternity care: an international comparative study of maternity and child care in developing countries
Houweling, Tanja AJ; Ronsmans, Carine; Campbell, Oona MR; Kunst, Anton E

 ·  Delivery settings and caesarean section rates in China
Sufang, Guo; Padmadas, Sabu S; Fengmin, Zhao; Brown, James J; Stones, R William

 ·  Magnesium sulfate is not used for pre-eclampsia and eclampsia in Mexico and Thailand as much as it should be
Lumbiganon, Pisake; Gülmezoglu, A Metin; Piaggio, Gilda; Langer, Ana; Grimshaw, Jeremy

 ·  Contraceptive injections by community health workers in Uganda: a nonrandomized community trial
Stanback, John; Mbonye, Anthony K; Bekiita, Martha

 ·  Did the strategy of skilled attendance at birth reach the poor in Indonesia?
Hatt, Laurel; Stanton, Cynthia; Makowiecka, Krystyna; Adisasmita, Asri; Achadi, Endang; Ronsmans, Carine

 ·  Are skilled birth attendants really skilled? A measurement method, some disturbing results and a potential way forward
Harvey, Steven A; Blandón, Yudy Carla Wong; McCaw-Binns, Affette; Sandino, Ivette; Urbina, Luis; Rodríguez, César; Gómez, Ivonne; Ayabaca, Patricio; Djibrina, Sabou; the Nicaraguan maternal and neonatal health quality improvement group

 ·  Identifying barriers and facilitators towards implementing guidelines to reduce caesarean section rates in Quebec
Chaillet, Nils; Dubé, Eric; Dugas, Marylène; Francoeur, Diane; Dubé, Johanne; Gagnon, Sonia; Poitras, Lucie; Dumont, Alexandre

 ·  The Chilean infant mortality decline: improvement for whom? Socioeconomic and geographic inequalities in infant mortality, 1990-2005
Hertel-Fernandez, Alexander Warren; Giusti, Alejandro Esteban; Sotelo, Juan Manuel

 ·  Global Fund-supported programmes’ contribution to international targets and the Millennium Development Goals: an initial analysis
Komatsu, Ryuichi; Low-Beer, Daniel; Schwartländer, Bernhard

 Public Health Reviews
 ·  A systematic review of inequalities in the use of maternal health care in developing countries: examining the scale of the problem and the importance of context
Say, Lale; Raine, Rosalind

 ·  Addressing smoking cessation in tuberculosis control
Schneider, Nick K; Novotny, Thomas E