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Bulletin of the World Health Organization
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Table of contents
Bull World Health Organ vol.86 n.1 Genebra Jan. 2008

 In This Month´s Bulletin
 ·  WHO anniversary commemorative volume

 ·  Flowing away: water andhealth opportunities
Bartram, Jamie

 ·  Three decades of primary health care: reviewing the past and defining the future
Wibulpolprasert, Suwit; Tangcharoensathien, Viroj; Kanchanachitrac, Churnrurtai

 ·  Breaking a law: tuberculosis disobeys Styblo's rule
Dye, Christopher

 ·  Thailand's unsung heroes
Treerutkuarkul, Apiradee

 ·  The Bulletin turns 60: the early years

 ·  Health-care provision meets microcredit finance in Argentina
Lashley, Kai

 ·  An interview with Mahmuder Rahman: Bangladesh's arsenic agony

 ·  Recent news from WHO

 ·  Global costs of attaining the Millennium Development Goal for water supply and sanitation
Hutton, Guy; Bartram, Jamie

 ·  Prevalence of tuberculous infection and incidence of tuberculosis: a re-assessment of the Styblo rule
van Leth, F; van der Werf, MJ; Borgdorff, MW

 ·  Estimating the costs of achieving the WHO-UNICEF Global Immunization Vision and Strategy, 2006-2015
Wolfson, Lara J; Gasse, François; Lee-Martin, Shook-Pui; Lydon, Patrick; Magan, Ahmed; Tibouti, Abdelmajid; Johns, Benjamin; Hutubessy, Raymond; Salama, Peter; Okwo-Bele, Jean-Marie

 ·  High-end physician migration from India
Kaushik, Manas; Jaiswal, Abhishek; Shah, Naseem; Mahal, Ajay

 ·  How much is not enough? Human resources requirements for primary health care: a case study from South Africa
Daviaud, Emmanuelle; Chopra, Mickey

 ·  Beyond good intentions: lessons on equipment donation from an African hospital
Howie, Stephen RC; Hill, Sarah E; Peel, David; Sanneh, Momodou; Njie, Malick; Hill, Philip C; Mulholland, Kim; Adegbola, Richard A

 Policy & Practice
 ·  Monitoring effectiveness of programmes to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission in lower-income countries
Stringer, Elizabeth M; Chi, Benjamin H; Chintu, Namwinga; Creek, Tracy L; Ekouevi, Didier K; Coetzee, David; Tih, Pius; Boulle, Andrew; Dabis, Francois; Shaffer, Nathan; Wilfert, Catherine M; Stringer, Jeffrey SA

 ·  Global magnitude of visual impairment caused by uncorrected refractive errors in 2004
Resnikoff, Serge; Pascolini, Donatella; Mariotti, Silvio P; Pokharel, Gopal P

 ·  Increasing tuberculosis case detection: lessons from the Republic of Moldova
Soltan, Viorel; Henry, Asma Khalid; Crudu, Valeriu; Zatusevski, Irina

 Books & Electronic Media
 ·  Traditional, complementary and alternative medicine: policy and public health perspectives
Xue, Charlie Changli

 ·  Ethics, prevention and public health
Banken, Reiner