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Bulletin of the World Health Organization
Print version ISSN 0042-9686


Table of contents
Bull World Health Organ vol.86 n.8 Genebra Aug. 2008

 In This Month´s Bulletin
 ·  WHO 60th anniversary commemorative volume

 ·  The contribution of ethics to public health
Coleman, Carl H; Bouësseau, Marie-Charlotte; Reis, Andreas

 ·  The importance of public-health ethics
Krebs, John

 ·  Drug donations: what lies beneath
Pinheiro, Cristina P

 ·  Clinical trials in India: ethical concerns

 ·  Overcoming migrants' barriers to health

 ·  Iranian health houses open the door to primary care

 ·  From rhetoric to reality

 ·  Recent news from WHO

 Policy and Practice
 ·  Using human rights to improve maternal and neonatal health: history, connections and a proposed practical approach
Gruskin, Sofia; Cottingham, Jane; Hilber, Adriane Martin; Kismodi, Eszter; Lincetto, Ornella; Roseman, Mindy Jane

 ·  Herbal medicine research and global health: an ethical analysis
Tilburt, Jon C; Kaptchuk, Ted J

 ·  Denaturalizing scarcity: a strategy of enquiry for public- health ethics
Schrecker, Ted

 ·  Integrating ethics, health policy and health systems in low- and middle-income countries: case studies from Malaysia and Pakistan
Hyder, Adnan A; Merritt, Maria; Ali, Joseph; Tran, Nhan T; Subramaniam, Kulanthayan; Akhtar, Tasleem

 ·  Demographic and health surveillance: longitudinal ethical considerations
Carrel, Margaret; Rennie, Stuart

 ·  Ethical analysis to improve decision-making on health technologies
Saarni, Samuli I; Hofmann, Bjørn; Lampe, Kristian; Lühmann, Dagmar; Mäkelä, Marjukka; Velasco-Garrido, Marcial; Autti-Rämö, Ilona

 ·  A personalist approach to public-health ethics
Petrini, Carlo; Gainotti, Sabina

 ·  National bioethical legislation and guidelines for biomedical research in the Islamic Republic of Iran
Zahedi, Farzaneh; Larijani, Bagher

 ·  Health-sector responses to intimate partner violence in low- and middle-income settings: a review of current models, challenges and opportunities
Colombini, Manuela; Mayhew, Susannah; Watts, Charlotte

 ·  Emerging norms for the control of emerging epidemics
McDougall, Christopher W; Upshur, Ross EG; Wilson, Kumanan

 ·  The burden of surgical conditions and access to surgical care in low- and middle-income countries
Ozgediz, Doruk; Jamison, Dean; Cherian, Meena; McQueen, Kelly

 ·  Access to medicines versus access to treatment: the case of type 1 diabetes
Beran, David; McCabe, Ariane; Yudkin, John S

 Public Health Classics
 ·  The Declaration of Helsinki and public health
Williams, John R

 Books and eletronic media
 ·  Just health: meeting health needs fairly
Rid, Annette

 ·  Ethics and infectious disease
Upshur, Ross

 ·  Cambridge textbook of bioethics
Dingwall, Robert

 ·  Accessible public-health education: a potential growth area?
Sanders, David; Guwatudde, David; Alexander, Lucy

 ·  Estimation of global visual impairment due to uncorrected refractive error
Dandona, Lalit; Dandona, Rakhi

 ·  Author reply to: estimation of global visual impairment due to uncorrected refractive error
Mariotti, Silvio; Resnikoff, Serge; Pascolini, Donatella

 ·  Country ownership and vertical programmes in health, health information and health research
Kennedy, Andrew; IJsselmuiden, Carel

 ·  Integrating cervical cancer prevention in HIV/AIDS treatment and care programmes
Mwanahamuntu, Mulindi H; Sahasrabuddhe, Vikrant V; Stringer, Jeffrey SA; Parham, Groesbeck P

 ·  Evaluation of the WHO Assessment Instrument for Mental Health Systems
Saxena, Shekhar; Lora, Antonio; van Ommeren, Mark; Barrett, Thomas; Morris, Jodi; Saraceno, Benedetto