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Bulletin of the World Health Organization
versão impressa ISSN 0042-9686


Bull World Health Organ vol.86 no.10 Genebra Out. 2008

 In This Month´s Bulletin
 ·  WHO 60th anniversary commemorative volume

 ·  Global trends in schistosomiasis control
Taylor, Myra

 ·  WHO code of practice on the international recruitment of health personnel
Dayrit, Manuel; Taylor, Alynn; Yan, Jean; Braichet, Jean-Marc; Zurn, Pascal; Taylor, Alynn; Shainblum, Esther

 ·  Recording patient responses in low-income countries: does the tool make a difference?
Cheng, Karen

 ·  Khat chewing in Yemen: turning over a new leaf

 ·  The French country doctor: caring for the sick through the centuries

 ·  Consensus during the Cold War: back to Alma-Ata

 ·  Primary health care comes full circle

 ·  Recent news from WHO

 ·  Outbreak of acute renal failure in Panama in 2006: a case-control study
Rentz, E Danielle; Lewis, Lauren; Mujica, Oscar J; Barr, Dana B; Schier, Joshua G; Weerasekera, Gayanga; Kuklenyik, Peter; McGeehin, Michael; Osterloh, John; Wamsley, Jacob; Lum, Washington; Alleyne, Camilo; Sosa, Nestor; Motta, Jorge; Rubin, Carol

 ·  Treatment of mental disorders for adolescents in Mexico City
Borges, G; Benjet, C; Medina-Mora, ME; Orozco, R; Wang, PS

 ·  Is mass treatment the appropriate schistosomiasis elimination strategy?
Tallo, Veronica L; Carabin, Hélène; Alday, Portia P; Balolong, Ernesto Jr; Olveda, Remigio M; McGarvey, Stephen T

 ·  Political and social context of not attaining the Millennium Development Goal to reduce poverty
Palma-Solís, Marco; Gil-González, Diana; Álvarez-Dardet, Carlos; Ruiz-Cantero, María Teresa

 ·  Two-year impact of single praziquantel treatment on infection in the national control programme on schistosomiasis in Burkina Faso
Touré, Seydou; Zhang, Yaobi; Bosqué-Oliva, Elisa; Ky, Césaire; Ouedraogo, Amado; Koukounari, Artemis; Gabrielli, Albis F; Bertrand, Sellin; Webster, Joanne P; Fenwick, Alan

 ·  A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of safety and efficacy of combined praziquantel and artemether treatment for acute schistosomiasis japonica in China
Hou, Xun-Ya; McManus, Donald P; Gray, Darren J; Balen, Julie; Luo, Xin-Song; He, Yong-Kang; Ellis, Magda; Williams, Gail M; Li, Yue-Sheng

 ·  Impact of an integrated nutrition and health programme on neonatal mortality in rural northern India
Baqui, AbdullahH; Williams, Emma K; Rosecrans, Amanda M; Agrawal, Praween K; Ahmed, Saifuddin; Darmstadt, Gary L; Kumar, Vishwajeet; Kiran, Usha; Panwar, Dharmendra; Ahuja, Ramesh C; Srivastava, Vinod K; Black, Robert E; Santosham, Manthuram

 Public Health Reviews
 ·  An estimate of the global prevalence and incidence of herpes simplex virus type 2 infection
Looker, Katharine J; Garnett, Geoffrey P; Schmid, George P

 ·  Morbid obesity in a developing country: the Chilean experience
Bambs, Claudia; Cerda, Jaime; Escalona, Alex

 Books and eletronic media
 ·  Bioviolence: preventing biological terror and crime
Schmid, George P; Kaufmann, Arnold F

 ·  Analysing health equity using household survey data: a guide to techniques and their implementation
Xu, Ke

 ·  Incidence of pneumonia is not reduced by pneumococcal conjugate vaccine
Chowdhary, Sona; Puliyel, Jacob

 ·  Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine is efficacious and effective in reducing the burden of pneumonia
Madhi, Shabir A; Levine, Orin S; Cherian, Thomas

 ·  Withdrawing from the treatment does not mean from the study
Cobo, Erik; Stephen, Senn; Elmore, Matthew