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Bulletin of the World Health Organization
versão impressa ISSN 0042-9686


Bull World Health Organ vol.88 no.7 Genebra Jul. 2010

 In This Month´s Bulletin
 ·  Swimming upstream: why sanitation, hygiene and water are so important to mothers and their daughters
Brocklehurst, Clarissa; Bartram, Jamie

 ·  When did medicines become essential?
Greene, Jeremy A

 ·  Pacific islanders pay heavy price for abandoning traditional diet

 ·  India tries to break cycle of health-care debt

 ·  Time to put Ebola in context

 ·  Recent news from WHO

 ·  Scaling up antiretroviral therapy for HIV-infected children in Côte d'Ivoire: determinants of survival and loss to programme
Anaky, M-F; Duvignac, J; Wemin, L; Kouakoussui, A; Karcher, S; Touré, S; Seyler, C; Fassinou, P; Dabis, F; N'Dri-Yoman, T; Anglaret, X; Leroy, V

 ·  Iron and folic acid supplements and reduced early neonatal deaths in Indonesia
Titaley, Christiana R; Dibley, Michael J; Roberts, Christine L; Hall, John; Agho, Kingsley

 ·  Community-directed interventions for priority health problems in Africa: results of a multicountry study
The CDI Study Group

 ·  Understanding the correlations between wealth, poverty and human immunodeficiency virus infection in African countries
Parkhurst, Justin O

 ·  Availability of essential health services in post-conflict Liberia
Kruk, Margaret E; Rockers, Peter C; Williams, Elizabeth H; Varpilah, S Tornorlah; Macauley, Rose; Saydee, Geetor; Galea, Sandro

 ·  How valuable are environmental health interventions? Evaluation of water and sanitation programmes in India
Pattanayak, Subhrendu K; Poulos, Christine; Yang, Jui-Chen; Patil, Sumeet

 ·  Improving the use of evidence in health impact assessment
Mindell, Jennifer; Biddulph, Jane; Taylor, Lorraine; Lock, Karen; Boaz, Annette; Joffe, Michael; Curtis, Sarah

 Policy & Practice
 ·  Using human rights for sexual and reproductive health: improving legal and regulatory frameworks
Cottingham, Jane; Kismodi, Eszter; Hilber, Adriane Martin; Lincetto, Ornella; Stahlhofer, Marcus; Gruskin, Sofia

 Lessons from the Field
 ·  Paperless registration during survey enumerations and large oral cholera mass vaccination in Zanzibar, the United Republic of Tanzania
Ali, Mohammad; Deen, Jaqueline L; Khatib, Ahmed; Enwere, Godwin; von Seidlein, Lorenz; Reyburn, Rita; Ali, Said Mohammed; Chang, Na Yoon; Perroud, Valérie; Marodon, Frédérique; Saleh, Abdul A; Hashim, R; Lopez, Anna Lena; Beard, James; Ley, Benedikt N; Thriemer, Kamala; Puri, Mahesh K; Sah, Binod; Jiddawi, Mohamed Saleh; Clemens, John D

 Books & Electronic Media
 ·  Smoking kills: the revolutionary life of Richard Doll
Mackay, Judith