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Bulletin of the World Health Organization
versão impressa ISSN 0042-9686


Bull World Health Organ vol.88 no.10 Genebra Out. 2010

 In This Month´s Bulletin
 ·  Maternal deaths drop by one-third from 1990 to 2008: a United Nations analysis
Wilmoth, John; Mathers, Colin; Say, Lale; Mills, Samuel

 ·  National and global responsibilities for health
Gostin, Lawrence O; Heywood, Mark; Ooms, Gorik; Grover, Anand; Røttingen, John-Arne; Chenguang, Wang

 ·  Implications of the Adelaide Statement on Health in All Policies
Krech, Rüdiger; Valentine, Nicole B; Reinders, Lina Tucker; Albrecht, Daniel

 ·  Life-saving learning around the drinking pot

 ·  New Zealand cuts health spending to control costs

 ·  Sierra Leone's long recovery from the scars of war

 ·  Recent news from WHO

 ·  Retrospective comparative evaluation of the lasting impact of a community-based primary health care programme on under-5 mortality in villages around Jamkhed, India
Mann, Vera; Eble, Alex; Frost, Chris; Premkumar, Ramaswamy; Boone, Peter

 ·  Common perinatal mental disorders in northern Viet Nam: community prevalence and health care use
Fisher, Jane; Tran, Thach; thi La, Buoi; Kriitmaa, Kelsi; Rosenthal, Doreen; Tran, Tuan

 ·  Declining child mortality in northern Malawi despite high rates of infection with HIV
Jahn, A; Floyd, S; Crampin, AC; Mvula, H; Mwinuka, V; Mwaiyeghele, E; McGrath, N; Zaba, B; Fine, PEM; Glynn, JR

 ·  Effectiveness of zinc supplementation plus oral rehydration salts for diarrhoea in infants aged less than 6 months in Haryana state, India
Mazumder, Sarmila; Taneja, Sunita; Bhandari, Nita; Dube, Brinda; Agarwal, RC; Mahalanabis, Dilip; Fontaine, Olivier; Black, Robert E

 ·  Measuring and correcting biased child mortality statistics in countries with generalized epidemics of HIV infection
Hallett, Timothy B; Gregson, Simon; Kurwa, Felicia; Garnett, Geoffrey P; Dube, Sabada; Chawira, Godwin; Mason, Peter R; Nyamukapa, Constance A

 ·  Trends in smoking and quitting in China from 1993 to 2003: National Health Service Survey data
Qian, Juncheng; Cai, Min; Gao, Jun; Tang, Shenglan; Xu, Ling; Critchley, Julia Alison

 Policy & Practice
 ·  Context counts: training health workers in and for rural and remote areas
Strasser, Roger; Neusy, Andre-Jacques

 Lessons from the Field
 ·  The formulation and implementation of a national helmet law: a case study from Viet Nam
Passmore, Jonathon W; Nguyen, Lan Huong; Nguyen, Nam Phuong; Olivé, Jean-Marc

 ·  Expansion of antiretroviral treatment to rural health centre level by a mobile service in Mumbwa district, Zambia
Dube, Christopher; Nozaki, Ikuma; Hayakawa, Tadao; Kakimoto, Kazuhiro; Yamada, Norio; Simpungwe, James B

 ·  A standardized health information system for refugee settings: rationale, challenges and the way forward
Haskew, C; Spiegel, P; Tomczyk, B; Cornier, N; Hering, H

 ·  Suicide research and prevention in developing countries in Asia and the Pacific
Milner, Allison; de Leo, Diego