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Cadernos de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0102-311X


Table of contents
Cad. Saúde Pública vol.9 n.3 Rio de Janeiro Jul./Sep. 1993

Minayo, Maria Cecília de S.; Coimbra Jr., Carlos E. A.

 ·  Quantitative and qualitative methods: opposition or complementarity?
Minayo, Maria Cecilia de S.; Sanches, Odécio

 ·  Debate on the paper by Minayo & Sanches
Lefèvre, Fernando

 ·  Debate on the paper by Minayo & Sanches
Castilho, Euclides Ayres de

 ·  Debate on the paper by Minayo & Sanches
Peres, Clóvis de Araújo

 ·  Debate on the paper by Minayo & Sanches
Lima Filho, Euclides Custódio de

 ·  Debate on the paper by Minayo & Sanches
Reichenheim, Michael Eduardo

 ·  Debate on the paper by Minayo & Sanches
Behague, Dominique

 ·  Debate on the paper by Minayo & Sanches
Gutierrez, Manoel Romeu; Barbieri, Marco Antonio

 ·  Debate on the paper by Minayo & Sanches
Duarte, Luiz Fernando Dias

 ·  Debate on the paper by Minayo & Sanches
Leitão, Célia

 ·  Debate on the paper by Minayo & Sanches
Santos, Ricardo Ventura

 ·  The authors reply

 ·  Experiencing illness: theoretical considerations
Alves, Paulo César

 ·  Strategies for consumption of health care by working-class families
Queiroz, Marcos S.

 ·  Anthropology in research on the quality of health services
Atkinson, Sarah J.

 ·  The concept of social representations in social psychology
Spink, Mary Jane P.

 ·  Illness and Time
Telles, Fernando S. P.; Antoun, Henrique; Arêas, James B.

 ·  Religion and cure: some thoughts on the religious experience of urban popular classes
Rabelo, Miriam Cristina

 ·  The children's sense of illness in the hospital
Oliveira, Helena de

 ·  Workers' health: subjects' identity and representations of health risks in the petrochemical industry
Rangel, Maria Ligia

 ·  A historical approach to social representations of health and disease
Sevalho, Gil

 ·  Infant death and its representation for the physician: reflections about pediatric practice in diferent contexts
Hoffmann, Leandro

 ·  Feminist theory and medical sociology: issues for discussion
Castro, Roberto P.; Bronfman, Mario P.

 ·  Diálogo sobre ecologia, ciência e política
Aragão, Mario B.

 ·  Planejar e redigir trabalhos científicos
Barbosa, Frederico Simões

 ·  Disease and civilization: the cholera in Paris, 1832
Avila-Pires, Fernando Dias de

 ·  Rapid assessment methods for the control of tropical diseases
Coimbra Jr., Carlos E. A.

 ·  Culture, health and medicine
Minayo, Maria Cecília de Souza

 ·  Drum and stethoscope: integrating ethnomedicine and biomedicine in Bolivia
Flowers, Nancy M.