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Cadernos de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0102-311X


Table of contents
Cad. Saúde Pública vol.10  suppl.1 Rio de Janeiro Jan. 1994

Minayo, Maria Cecília de Souza

 ·  Social violence from a public health perspective
Minayo, Maria Cecília de S.

 ·  Traffic accidents in Brazil: data and tendencies
Mello Jorge, Maria Helena P. de; Latorre, Maria Rosário D. O.

 ·  Homicides in Brazil: the major villain for public health in the 1980s
Souza, Edinilsa R. de

 ·  Human self-destruction
Cassorla, Roosevelt M. S.; Smeke, Elizabeth L. M.

 ·  Occupational accidents: an expression of social violence
Machado, Jorge M. H.; Gomez, Carlos Minayo

 ·  Trends in mortality due to violent causes in the overall population and among adolescents and young people in the americas
Yunes, João; Rajs, Danuta

 ·  Abused children and adolescents: past, present, and prospects for the future
Assis, Simone G. de

 ·  Gender-based abuse: the global epidemic
Heise, Lori

 ·  Gender violence, sexuality, and health
Giffin, Karen

 ·  Violence against the health of street girls
Gomes, Romeu

 ·  Traffic deaths in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Klein, Carlos Henrique

 ·  Care of children and adolescents suffering domestic violence: analysis of a service
Deslandes, Suely F.

 ·  Violent death as a cause of years of potential life lost in Rio de Janeiro, 1990
Reichenheim, Michael Eduardo; Werneck, Guilherme L.

 ·  Extermination of humans: violation and vulgarization of life
Cruz-Neto, Otávio; Minayo, Maria Cecília de S.

 ·  Violence: poverty or institutional failure?
Zaluar, Alba; Noronha, José C. de; Albuquerque, Ceres

 ·  Canada's family violence initiative: partnerships
Scott, Elaine

 ·  Violence in Rio as seen from the emergency ward
Pinheiro, Paulo