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Cadernos de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0102-311X


Table of contents
Cad. Saúde Pública vol.12 n.1 Rio de Janeiro Jan./Mar. 1996

 ·  Seven theses on health education for community participation
Briceño-León, Roberto

 ·  Debate on the paper by Briceño-León
Schall, Virgínia T.

 ·  Debate on the paper by Briceño-León
Rozemberg, Brani

 ·  Debate on the paper by Briceño-León
Minayo, Maria Cecília de Souza

 ·  Debate on the paper by Briceño-León
Mohr, Adriana

 ·  Debate on the paper by Briceño-León
Lolas Stepke, Fernando

 ·  Debate on the paper by Briceño-León
Mello, Dalva A.

 ·  Debate on the paper by Briceño-León
Lefèvre, Fernando

 ·  Debate on the paper by Briceño-León
Fernandes, João Cláudio Lara

 ·  Debate on the paper by Briceño-León
Leontsini, Elli

 ·  The author reply
Briceño-León, Roberto

 ·  Using the current Brazilian value for the biological exposure limit applied to blood lead level as a lead poisoning diagnostic criterion
Cordeiro, Ricardo

 ·  Self-reported diabetes mellitus in the city of São Paulo: prevalence and inequality
Goldenberg, Paulete; Franco, Laércio J.; Pagliaro, Heloisa; Silva, Rebeca de S.; Santos, Carla A. dos

 ·  Chiral Drugs: from the chemical dimension to political discussion
Bermudez, Jorge A. Z.; Barragat, Paulo

 ·  Diet and mortality from common cancers in Brazil: an ecological study
Sichieri, Rosely; Everhart, James E.; Mendonça, Gulnar A. S.

 ·  An education experience for promoting breast-feeding and infant stimulation by low-income women: a preliminary study
Garcia-Montrone, Victoria; Rose, Júlio C. de

 ·  Study of exposure to and health effects of atmospheric metallic mercury pollution in an urban population of Poconé, Mato Grosso, Brazil
Câmara, Volney de M.; Silva, Alexandre P.; Pivetta, Fátima; Perez, Maurício A.; Lima, Maria Imaculada M.; Filhote, Maria Izabel de F.; Tavares, Lidia Maria B.; Maciel, Marcos V.; Alheira, F. V.; Dantas, T.; Martins, M. S.

 ·  Municipalization of vaccination in Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil
Gonçalves, Maria de Lourdes; Almeida, Maria Cecília Puntel de; Gera, Suelí Canhoto

 ·  Serologic survey of dogs in an endemic area of tegumentary leishmaniasis in Paraná State, southern Brazil
Silveira, Thaís Gomes V.; Teodoro, Ueslei; Lonardoni, Maria Valdrinez C.; Toledo, Max Jean Ornelas de; Bertolini, Dennis Armando; Arraes, Sandra Mara A. A.; Vedovello Filho, Dirceu

 ·  Alternative approaches to the control of schistosomiasis: trying to include subjective elements in epidemiology
Coura-Filho, Pedro

 ·  Molecular genetics: advances and problems
Garcia, Eloi S.; Chamas, Claudia Inês