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Cadernos de Saúde Pública
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Table of contents
Cad. Saúde Pública vol.14  suppl.3 Rio de Janeiro Jan. 1998

 ·  Genetic polymorphism and their contribution to cancer susceptibility
Conforti-Froes, Nívea; El-Zein, Randa; Au, William

 ·  Introduction to the Post-Human Genome Project era, a target for interactions between polygenic and/or multiphenotypical components in cancer control in South America
Iscovich, José

 ·  Alcohol consumption and gastric cancer in Mexico
López-Carrillo, Lizbeth; López-Cervantes, Malaquías; Ramírez-Espitia, Armando; Rueda, Celina; Fernández-Ortega, Cielo; Orozco-Rivadeneyra, Sergio

 ·  Levels of organochlorine pesticides in the blood serum of agricultural workers from Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil
Paumgartten, Francisco José Roma; Delgado, Isabella Fernandes; Oliveira, Elba Santos; Alleluia, Irene Baptista; Barretto, Heloisa H.C.; Kussumi, Tereza A.

 ·  Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma risk derived from exposure to organic solvents: a review of epidemiologic studies
Rêgo, Marco Antônio V.

 ·  Proposal to institutionalize criteria and quality standards for cervical cancer screening within a health care system
Salmerón-Castro, Jorge; Lazcano Ponce, Eduardo César; Pérez Cuevas, Ricardo; Río Gómez, Iliana del; Torres Torija, Irene; Hernández Avila, Mauricio

 ·  Environmental and occupational cancer in Argentina: a case-control lung cancer study
Matos, Elena; Vilensky, Marta; Boffetta, Paolo

 ·  On the need to assess cancer risk in populations environmentally and occupationally exposed to virus and chemical agents in developing countries
Franco Netto, Guilherme

 ·  Smoking in Latin America: a major public health problem
Costa e Silva, Vera Luiza da; Koifman, Sergio

 ·  Clinical, cytogenetic and toxicological studies in rural workers exposed to pesticides in Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil
Bréga, Salete Marcia; Vassilieff, Igor; Almeida, Alaor; Mercadante, Amauri; Bissacot, Denise; Cury, Paulo R.; Freire-Maia, Dertia V.

 ·  The Brazilian cohort of pulp and paper workers: the logistic of a cancer mortality study
Fassa, Anaclaudia Gastal; Facchini, Luiz Augusto; Dall'Agnol, Marinel Mór

 ·  Organochlorine exposure and breast cancer risk in Colombian women
Olaya-Contreras, P.; Rodríguez-Villamil, J.; Posso-Valencia, H. J.; Cortez, J. E.

 ·  Mammography and Pap test screening among low-income foreign-born Hispanic women in the USA
Fernandez, Maria E.; Tortolero-Luna, Guillermo; Gold, Robert S.

 ·  A case-control study of human papillomavirus and cervical squamous intraepithelial lesions (SIL) in Harris County, Texas: differences among racial/ethnic groups
Tortolero-Luna, Guillermo; Mitchell, Michele Follen; Swan, David C.; Tucker, Ruth Ann; Wideroff, Louise; Icenogle, Joseph P.

 ·  Cancer cluster among young Indian adults living near power transmission lines in Bom Jesus do Tocantins, Pará, Brazil
Koifman, Sergio; Ferraz, Iara; Viana, Trajano S.; Silveira, Carmen L. P.; Carneiro, Maria T. D.; Koifman, Rosalina J.; Sarcinelli, Paula N.; Mattos, Rita de Cássia O.C.; Lima, Jaime S.; Silva, Jefferson J.O.; Moreira, Josino C.; Ferreira, Maria de Fátima A.; Fernandes, Chester; Bulcão, Antonio Carlos

 ·  Asbestos: current issues related to cancer and to uses in developing countries
Algranti, Eduardo

 ·  Measuring exposure to organochlorinated pesticides
Silva Mendonça, Gulnar Azevedo e

 Research Notes
 ·  Familial aggregation of breast/ovarian cancer: age of onset along subsequent generations in Brazil
Koifman, Rosalina Jorge; Koifman, Sergio; Vieira, Roberto José da Silva

 ·  Significant contributing causes of cancer deaths among Hispanics in Colorado, USA, 1983-1992
Sweitzer, Kimberley; Stallones, Lorann

 ·  Lung cancer and arsenic exposure in drinking water: a case-control study in northern Chile
Ferreccio, Catterina; Psych, Claudia Gonzalez; Stat, Vivian Milosavjlevic; Gredis, Guillermo Marshall; Sancha, Ana María