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Cadernos de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0102-311X


Table of contents
Cad. Saúde Pública vol.15  suppl.1 Rio de Janeiro Jan. 1999

 ·  The principles of medical ethics and medical research
Harris, John

 ·  Paradigm shift, metamorphosis of medical ethics, and the rise of bioethics
Almeida, José Luiz Telles de; Schramm, Fermin Roland

 ·  On the concept of eugenics: preliminaries to a critical appraisal
Neri, Demetrio

 ·  Bioethical language and its dialects and idiolects
Garrafa, Volnei; Diniz, Debora; Guilhem, Dirce Bellez

 ·  Sanitary justice in scarcity
Kottow, Miguel

 ·  The Dolly case, the Polly drug, and the morality of human cloning
Schramm, Fermin Roland

 ·  The morality of assisted reproduction and genetic manipulation
Mori, Maurizio

 ·  Apocalypse... Now? Molecular epidemiology, predictive genetic tests, and social communication of genetic contents
Castiel, Luis David

 ·  Reflections on bioethics: consolidation of the principle of autonomy and legal aspects
Segre, Marco

 ·  Ethics and animal experimentation: what is debated?
Paixão, Rita Leal; Schramm, Fermin Roland

 ·  Population, ethics, and equity
Berlinguer, Giovanni