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Cadernos de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0102-311X


Table of contents
Cad. Saúde Pública vol.16 n.1 Rio de Janeiro Jan. 2000

 ·  Car accidents in the age of speed: an overview
Marín, Letícia; Queiroz, Marcos S.

 ·  Reflections on the measurement of maternal mortality
Laurenti, Ruy; Mello-Jorge, M. Helena P. de; Gotlieb, Sabina Léa Davidson

 ·  Spatial analysis of Aedes aegypti larval distribution in the Ilha do Governador neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Souza-Santos, Reinaldo; Carvalho, Marilia Sá

 ·  Prevalence, risk behavior, and level of information associated with vesical schistosomiasis in primary school students from the Primeiro de Junho health district, Maputo, Mozambique
Gujral, Lorna; Vaz, Rui Gama

 ·  Tolerance of vitamin A application associated with mass immunization of children in Northeast Brazil
Assis, Ana Marlúcia Oliveira; Santos, Leonor Maria Pacheco; Prado, Matildes da Silva; Martins, Maísa Cruz; Barreto, Maurício Lima

 ·  Toward a public health of situations: the re-contextualization of risk
Ross, Michael W.; Ferreira-Pinto, João

 ·  Understanding the low prevalence of weight-for-height deficit in lower-income Brazilian children: correlations among anthropometric indices
Post, Cora L. A.; Victora, Cesar G.; Barros, Aluísio J. D.

 ·  Validity of neonatal clinical assessment for estimation of gestational age: comparison of New Ballard score with date of last menstrual period and ultrasonography
Moraes, Claudia Leite; Reichenheim, Michael E.

 ·  Managed care in Latin America: transnationalization of the health sector in a context of reform
Iriart, Celia; Merhy, Emerson Elias; Waitzkin, Howard

 ·  Development of a dietary assessment method for people of Japanese descent living in São Paulo, Brazil
Cardoso, Marly Augusto; Stocco, Priscila Regina

 ·  The rural labor process and health in the Southern Brazilian mountains: a descriptive study
Faria, Neice Müller Xavier; Facchini, Luiz Augusto; Fassa, Anaclaudia G.; Tomasi, Elaine

 ·  Characterization of the cases of domestic violence against women assisted in two public hospitals of Rio Janeiro
Deslandes, Suely F.; Gomes, Romeu; Silva, Cosme Marcelo Furtado Passos da

 ·  Drug compliance and the elderly: who is publishing, where, and when?
Teixeira, Jorge Juarez Vieira; Lefèvre, Fernando; Castro, Lia Lusitana Cardoso de; Spínola, Aracy Witt de Pinho

 ·  Adults free of caries: a case-control study about: awareness/consciousness, attitudes and preventive practices
Petry, Paulo C.; Victora, César G.; Santos, Iná S.

 ·  Media, cloning, and bioethics
Costa, Sérgio Ibiapina Ferreira; Diniz, Débora

 ·  Suicide and its psychopathological relations: a qualitative analysis of 6 rational suicidal patients
Mello, Marcelo Feijó de

 ·  Provision of essential medicines within basic health care: the experience of three Brazilian States
Cosendey, Marly Aparecida Elias; Bermudez, Jorge Antônio Zepeda; Reis, André Luis de Almeida dos; Silva, Hayne Felipe da; Oliveira, Maria Auxiliadora; Luiza, Vera Lúcia

 ·  Epilepsy, epileptics, and work: conflicting relations
Sarmento, Maria Rosa Silva; Minayo-Gomez, Carlos

 ·  Gender focus and the relationship between health and work in the context of productive reorganization and underemployment
Brito, Jussara Cruz de

 ·  Molecular epidemiology of dengue viruses in Brazil
Nogueira, Rita Maria Ribeiro; Miagostovich, Marize Pereira; Schatzmayr, Hermann Gonçalves

 ·  Demographic and spatial aspects of scorpionic accident in the northwest region of Belo Horizonte city, Minas Gerais, 1993-1996
Nunes, Celina Schmidel; Bevilacqua, Paula Dias; Jardim, Cássius Catão Gomes

 ·  Applicability limits of urinary D-aminolevulinic acid as a screening test to evaluate professional intoxication by lead
Caldeira, Cristiane; Mattos, Rita de Cassia Oliveira da Costa; Meyer, Armando; Moreira, Josino Costa

 ·  Operationalizing the categories access and decentralization in health systems analysis
Hortale, Virginia Alonso; Pedroza, Manoela; Rosa, Maria Luiza Garcia

 ·  An epidemiological approach to health promotion: the ideas of Geoffrey Rose
Chor, Dóra; Faerstein, Eduardo

 ·  Literature and medicine: the shared territory
Scliar, Moacyr

 Research Note
 ·  Physician-patient communication in the prevention of female reproductive tract infections: some limitations
Makuch, María Y.; Botega, Neury José; Bahamondes, Luis

 ·  Factores geográficos en la epidemiología de la intoxicación por Karwinskia (tullidora) en México
Arreola Nava, María Eugenia; Vázquez Castellanos, José Luis; González Castañeda, Miguel Ernesto

 ·  Community Genetics: a new discipline and its application in Brazil
Ramalho, Antonio Sérgio; Silva, Roberto Benedito de Paiva e

 ·  Sandflies (Diptera, Psychodidae) in a secondary forest area in the county of Paço do Lumiar, Maranhão, Brazil: a leishmaniasis transmission area
Barros, Vera Lúcia Lopes; Rebêlo, José Manuel Macário; Silva, Francinaldo Soares

 ·  Epidemiological characteristics of snakebites in the State of Roraima, Brazil, 1992-1998
Nascimento, Sebastião Pereira do