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Cadernos de Saúde Pública
Print version ISSN 0102-311X


Table of contents
Cad. Saúde Pública vol.16  suppl.1 Rio de Janeiro Jan. 2000

 ·  The spread of the AIDS epidemic in Brazil from 1987 to 1996: a spatial analysis
Szwarcwald, Celia Landmann; Bastos, Francisco Inácio; Esteves, Maria Angela Pires; Andrade, Carla L. Tavares de

 ·  Temporal trends in AIDS-associated opportunistic infections in Brazil, 1980-1999
Guimarães, Mark Drew Crosland

 ·  Dynamic models and social networks: a review and reflections on their contribution to understanding the HIV epidemic
Barbosa, Maria Tereza S.; Byington, Maria Rita L.; Struchiner, Cláudio J.

 ·  Occupational classification of AIDS cases in Brazil, 1995
Cassano, Conceição; Frias, Luiz Armando de Medeiros; Valente, Joaquim Gonçalves

 ·  AIDS and pauperization: principal concepts and empirical evidence
Bastos, Francisco Inácio; Szwarcwald, Célia Landmann

 ·  AIDS and level of education in Brazil: temporal evolution from 1986 to 1996
Fonseca, Maria Goretti; Bastos, Francisco Inácio; Derrico, Monica; Andrade, Carla L. Tavares de; Travassos, Cláudia; Szwarcwald, Celia Landmann

 ·  Poverty and HIV/AIDS: anthropological and sociological aspects
Parker, Richard; Camargo Jr., Kenneth Rochel de

 ·  Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of Brazilian women treated in the primary health care system concerning sexually transmitted diseases
Fernandes, Arlete Maria dos Santos; Antonio, Daniel de Gaspari; Bahamondes, Luis Guillermo; Cupertino, Caren Vanessa

 ·  Socioeconomic differences in HIV risk behavior among Brazilian Military conscripts
Szwarcwald, Célia Landmann; Castilho, Euclides Ayres de; Barbosa Júnior, Aristides; Gomes, Maria Rebeca Otero; Costa, Eduardo A. M. Martins; Maletta, Bruno Vasques; Carvalho, Ricardo Fernando Mendelshon de; Oliveira, Severino Ramos de; Chequer, Pedro

 Research Note
 ·  Estimated number of orphans due to maternal AIDS in Brazil, 1987-99
Szwarcwald, Célia Landmann; Andrade, Carla Lourenço Tavares de; Castilho, Euclides Ayres de

 ·  Estimated number of HIV-infected individuals aged 15-49 years in Brazil, 1998
Szwarcwald, Célia Landmann; Castilho, Euclides Ayres de